#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: Tweets That Sing... Best Practices for Twitter Results


A little birdie told me every word matters. At least, it does on Twitter, the go-to-platform for conversation on cultural and industry trends. Want to improve your Twitter strategy? Use best practices targeted for Twitter, such as:

#1. Keep tweets short

Twitter advises us to focus the content on a specific message. If you really want to extend the conversation beyond the 280 characters, add a “1 of-” to your messages so followers know the tweet is part of a larger thread. Example: “1/3.” But honestly, if you have more to say, write a blog and add the link to the tweet.

#2. Show me your cat photo

Twitter found, “people are three times more likely to engage with Tweets that contain videos and photos.” So break out those GIFs, memes, videos, and photos! We could all use more dancing cats.

#3. Keywords help users find you

But there is a caveat! Stick with relevant keywords for your business. And here’s a surprise: Twitter’s best practices recommend using no more than two hashtags per Tweet. Choose wisely, my friends.

#4. Be part of the conversation

Don’t just push, push, push. Respond to others’ ideas! Twitter moves quickly, so you need to react fast. Respond to questions, comments, criticisms, shout outs, tags that come your way. You can always turn to Direct Messaging to resolve customer service problems.

#5. It’s about who you follow

Want to boost your audience count? Follow industry leaders. You can find them through hashtags, keyword searches or do some research using a social platform. Now you have access to who’s talking about the industry and instant quality content for retweeting.

#6. Optimize your profile

Make it easy for other industry professionals to find you. Use industry-related hashtags in your bio and account like #CRE or #CRETech. People will decide on the first visit if they want to follow you, so make the profile snazzy. No skimping on the profile images and definitely include your website link.

#7. Use the same voice

Don’t randomly change or tone or type of content. Consistent tweets build trust in the brand because people know what to expect from your account.

Twitter has around 330 million active monthly users. Reach your target segment with best practices. If you think your tweeting game is on point and still your metrics aren’t meeting expectations, ask an outside industry professional for help.

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