#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: The 2018 Social Trends You Should Know and Love


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Eh hem… we are NOT talking about the Tide Pod challenge here, folks. We’re talking about real, actionable marketing tactics that can improve your social media and bring you clients in 2018. And don’t worry – you won’t have to dump water on your head, eat cinnamon or do the Harlem Shake. It’s time to get social!

We can’t say it enough. Go live. Go live. Go live.

Social media channels like Instagram and Facebook are quickly becoming video platforms. And marketers are having to keep up. Curated videos are always helpful but live video will not only be prioritized by the social media algorithms, they are being sought out by the end users looking to connect with the companies and people they follow online.

It can be uncomfortable to share your face and your thoughts on live video but think of your time on video as just another in-person meeting with a new client. Show interest. Ask questions. Interact. Your potential clients will feel that, and the relationships will be stronger before you’ve even met them.

You’ll likely have to invest in ads.

You’ve likely seen some major changes in social media ads. For instance, have you noticed that halfway through your favorite clip from The Ellen Show you see an ad now? More and more Facebook is prioritizing the ads businesses are placing within their platform to get your message out to the market. And with the new Facebook algorithm, your organic posts will get less exposure to your Facebook audience. Investing just a little bit of your ad budget into social media will be important to generate traffic to your CRE company in 2018.

Local and personal experiences will be prioritized, too.

As part of the changes happening on social media platforms like Facebook, local experiences are also taking priority. This is good news for the CRE industry as most firms are local to a particular city or have specific area offices. Focus on the locality of your business, local events in the area to sponsor or attend, partnering with other local businesses on a common goal, and other activities to prove to Facebook and your followers that you are truly part of the local community you serve.

Augmented reality will begin to take off.

We’ve seen the rise of virtual reality headsets and social media is beginning to take notice. It’s likely that different types of augmented reality will begin to enter the sphere of the social media world. The good news is - CRE professionals work in the perfect space to utilize this technology as it’s a perfect way to showcase how blank-slate spaces could be used to meet the needs of their clients, and that use of technology will be showcased more and more on social media platforms.

While you should keep up on the social media trends changing the market in 2018, it’s most important to be authentic and engaged on your social media channels. People are good at sorting through the noise and figuring out who will be the best fit for them and their CRE needs.

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