#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: Spruce Up Social Media Sites This Spring


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Spring is just around the corner so and it’s time for the annual spring cleaning to start. Put down that Clorox wipe--there are more pressing things to think about than the dusty filing cabinets, client’s don’t care about that. So what do they care about? We have two words for you: Social Media. You might be up to your neck work as you enter the busy season. Maybe you’ve have cut some corners--say, in your social media department--in efforts to meet other deadlines. Well the time has come to put things right. Carve time out of  your day to do a major social media deep clean to have a fresh start this spring.

Update Your Website

We’re just going to dive in head-first here. Update your website. That sounds so intimidating, but like come on, your website is the hub for all your social media connections, contact information, listings, and blog. It’s worth your complete time and attention for an overhaul. Then update banners, correct glitchy buttons and take down irrelevant links and old listings. If you’re happy with your site, do a quick SEO update.

Design Revival

It gets soooo old to see the same images in our profile and banners--just imagine how clients feel. It’s time for a new look. Consider arranging professional photos or replacing all photos with some hi-res images. While you’re at it, double check your branding. Are logos, data, and images consistent across platforms?

Clear Your Contact List

Cleaning up your contact list is so important. You don’t want to be spending time marketing real estate leads that will never convert. That job can take time and a half to sort through manually. The simplest way to identify the duds? Use a client management system. Tools like Yesware and Sidekick show who has opened the messages, what links they’ve clicked, and other patterns of activity. If they have a lead-scoring feature you can identify leads who aren’t worth pursuing and should be erased from your database. Those who don’t respond to your messages, or even opened them--well it’s safe to say they aren’t interested.

Pamper Your Profiles

Your profiles’ descriptions are just as important as fancy photos when it comes to attracting customers. Your “About Me” page should be written to target all the clients out there. Include all the details about the value you offer. Social media is the pipeline for potential clients so you should polish it until you can you’re looking at the brilliant reflection of your professionalism.

Don’t forget to add your website’s URL and your company’s most updated data. Show off the superstar staff, recent projects, press, and awards. You don’t mean to toot your own horn here but...Toot!Toot! Quote a client testimony while you’re at it.

Freshen Up the Feed

Look back at the patterns in your feed. Consider what was successful, what failed terribly, and what was a good idea but could be better. Brainstorm new content ideas for your feed to create some buzz. Run contests, encourage user-generated content, add original images to every post--all these things will shake up the social media scene for you and your audience.

Search Yourself

You got down and dirty and your pages have the spunk they need to take on the spring season. Now it’s time to put your overhaul to the test. Log out of everything and Google yourself. Check all your accounts, website and blogs as a member of the public. How’d you do?

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