#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: Social Media Tools to Make Your Life Easier


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Social media can be pretty overwhelming. Different platforms. Posting schedules. Hashtags. Constant interaction. And perfecting your social media strategy is all on top of being busy managing your crazy schedule as a CRE professional. Who has the time?!

If you want to up your social media game this year but need some help handling all the important strategies and tactics, use some must-have tools to make your life a little easier. Here are our favorite social media “helping hands” that will automate your efforts and help you perfect your social strategy in less time this year.


Hubspot is the perfect tool for the marketer looking for both posting automation and comprehensive reporting. This tool is not only robust but detailed. Hubspot allows for monitoring of your social media posts so that you know not only what platforms leads are coming from but exactly the posts that drive the most engagement.


Are you tired of constantly creating new content for your audience? MeetEdgar will post and schedule your evergreen CRE content. As you create content that is relevant for long periods of time, MeetEdgar will automatically share that content to your audience again after an extended period of time. Take advantage of quality content that will never age, and we’re sure your audience won’t even notice you’ve shared it before!


In case you haven’t heard, part of your social media strategy is sharing content during the times of day that your audience is online and engaged. With Buffer, you don’t have to figure that out on your own. This valuable social media tool posts during the best times of day for your audience and tracks links so that you can see what content gets the most traction.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is the perfect solution for the CRE professional looking for a more robust social media management tool that allows you to engage with brand advocates, schedule your content ahead of time, and to use reporting tools to determine the effectiveness of your strategy.


Hootsuite is an easy-to-use, comprehensive social media marketing tool to help you organize your social media pages and posts. The tool allows you to schedule posts that will automatically push to your social media during the specified date and time you indicate so that you can get ahead of your social media planning and not worry about your strategy on a daily basis.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an important tool to measure your web traffic, and we think it’s necessary to the success of any CRE business. Google Analytics will analyze your web traffic and identify the social media sources of your web visitors. With this tool you can determine what social media platforms are driving traffic to the critical parts of your website like listings and the “contact us” page.

Social media is an important part of your CRE business. It’s an outlet for you to interact with your potential clients, and one of the primary platforms for the valuable content you’ve worked so hard on. You’ll only benefit from all the advantages a social media presence can offer if you’re actually putting your content out there in a thoughtful and meaningful way. So, make it easier on yourself and use these easy tools to rock your social media presence in 2018.

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