#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: Should You Work with Social Media Influencers?


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Whether you’re looking for new vegan restaurants, fashion inspiration, travel tips, knitting pics, or videos of cute puppies, you will find it all on Instagram. This social media platform has exploded over the past eight years with everyone from Kylie Jenner to your grandma scrolling on a whim and double tapping nonstop.

Businesses have pounced on this marketing strategy by creating accounts for their brands for capturing clever images of their products but are left with how to push beyond the barrier of their followers. But does it make sense for CRE?

What is a Social Media Influencer Anyway?

If you’re wondering if you should work with an influencer in your CRE business, it all depends on your marketing goals and if that influencer can reach your target audience. An influencer is someone who already has a successful social media account, often with thousands or millions of followers and, most importantly, a high engagement rate.

These personalities literally stop people mid-scroll (admit it, we are all suckers for a good Insta pic). They turn heads with their fresh perspective and approaches to promoting products or companies. Influencers have built a trust with their followers by giving them a small glimpse into their private lives and the products they use and believe in. If something is endorsed by a social media personality, it is bound to spark the interest of their followers.

More than Just Insta-famous

Influencers are called on both by large brands and small business to promote products, services and the overall brands. We’ve all logged on to Instagram to see a yogi staying hydrated with her favorite coconut water or a shout-out caption under a candid photo of someone shreddin’ the gnar on their new snowboard. The clever photo-caption combo mentions the product that is inducing such carefree fun without urging anyone to run out and make a purchase. It’s indirect because they talk about using the product in their daily lives rather than in an obvious way pushing for sales.

But influencers are more than just beautiful people without a job taking photos under coconut trees, roaming the streets of Paris or restoring southern homes. They are professionals who have strategically built strong accounts and now have the power to influence their communities with minimal effort, resulting in a maximum benefit for the businesses they promote. For CRE professionals, it will be about finding the right influencer that has the perfect audience for the type of properties you promote.

What to Look For in an Influencer

For starters, the person should actually be influential. It seems a little ridiculous to say, but an account with millions of followers and cute photos does not mean you can assume the person behind the feed is influential. The first thing you should look for is their engagement rate. How do they present themselves on their account through updated posts, tagging other accounts, responding to comments and consistent stories? What brands have they previously endorsed? Who is their target audience?

These are things to consider when choosing who you want to represent your products. And you shouldn’t be shy - speak up and directly ask! After you have the basics ironed out and have determined the strength of their influence, make sure they are close to your target market so they gel with the crowd you're trying to reach.

Endorsed by an Influencer

Influencer marketing is a really fun way to juice up your social media strategy. Followers look to influencers they trust when it comes to brands and businesses. Their endorsement increases credibility faster than you can double tap! Should you choose to work with an influencer, they aren’t hard to reach. They probably already have contact information readily available in their profiles. Contact them or their management team directly to get connected with one of these social media marketing gurus to grow your CRE business.

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