#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: Shh! Your Audience is Talking. Are You Listening?


Not getting the social media and blogging results you want? Do you know why? The problems behind failing campaigns likely lie in a lack of knowledge about the target audience and what they really want. Good news! You don’t need to assemble a focus group every quarter and ask questions. Your audience is talking to you right now–if you know where to go. How can you tune into what they’re saying?

The Analytics

To listen you don’t need Beats by Dre, but a good analytics program. Start with what your data tells you about your social marketing and content program. Metrics are your first insights into what interests your audience. On your website and blog, you have the bounce rate, time on page, and most viewed pages. For email marketing, look at open rates and click-throughs. Social media insights reveal which posts your audience engages with most and their click-through rates.

Study these analytics. Look for patterns in the content. It will tell you what topics your audience cares the most about. Create a plan that incorporates more blogs, emails, and social media posts reflecting your best engaging content.

The Apps

Several apps help monitor real-time social media conversations. Social media managers like Hootsuite and Sprout Social allow you to create lists to track conversations. These social platforms track industry keywords, your brand name, and your owned hashtags. Services like TrendSpottr or AudiSense let you know what’s buzzing in the industry. At a minimum, create a Google Alert for your company name to see the Internet chatter.

These conversations are insightful for spotting and responding to problems. Jumping on a new trend early allows you to program specific blogs, videos, or other types of content so you are relevant to the current industry. Note: when tracking your company name, remember to add misspellings you don’t miss a customer service opportunity.

The People

Step away from the screen and get face-to-face with people. Talk to your sales reps, your marketing team, your customers. Go to industry events and network. Ask about what problems they’re facing or what challenge their clients need addressed. The online world enhances our real world, so get real, get in person, and learn from people. As an added bonus, you’ll build a more loyal online following when people can put a face to the name.

Tips for Listening

When running a social monitoring program, keep your objectives in mind. Typically you’re tuning into the chatter because you either want to deliver amazing customer service or to crate better content speaking to your audience. Prioritize these results in your social listening program.

During a social media audit, you naturally should be studying analytics for audience insights. Remember to check your web analytics for blogging traffic information. Does a social media audit seem overwhelming. Ask for help!

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