#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: Reuse and Repurpose Your Social Media Content

Have you ever had those times when you posted fantastic content that just had incredible results? When you nail it, you begin to wonder how you can replicate that success with all your other social media material.

Trying to come up with fresh and fun ideas across all social media platforms is an incredibly tall order to fill. It’s exhausting, and everybody gets stumped for new ideas. Nobody’s expecting your company to reinvent the wheel every time you post to Instagram or Facebook. However, you should be thinking of ways to breathe new life and energy into content that has proven to perform well. Instead of forcing something new, reach for the old, but repost it with a unique flair.

Cross-Platform Sharing

So your Facebook post last month was a smashing it, with record high customer engagement. Great content like that should be posted everywhere! While you’re posting the same content across platforms, it is imperative that you spend the time to format it to each. You have to approach each platform differently. Each one has a different tone, set of images, and standard for presentation. It can honestly be a little bit annoying, especially if this is round two for the same information. However, this is not a time to be quick and sloppy-- you want to showcase your CRE expertise with business pages and accounts that are clean and professional.

High Performing Content

Repurposing does not mean copying and pasting old content. You’ll get stronger results in your second campaign if you share a new version of the original content instead of an exact duplicate. You can do this in many ways. Try updating statistics and headings in an older blog post. Or, pull strong taglines from each blog, video, or interview you’re posting. Pair them with a different image or hashtag, and you have yourself some refreshed content.

Switch Up the Time

The best reason to repurpose content is to get even more results on your best posts. To maximize visibility, publish them during a different time of day than the original post. For example, if you shared it initially on a Monday afternoon, try to reshare it many weeks later, but this time first thing Friday morning.

The content you’re sharing now may be something you want to share again later. Keep an organized calendar of your posting schedules to make it easier to determine the ideal time to repurpose content.

What’s Worth It?

When you’re deciding which content to repurpose, the idea is to go for the highest performing posts. You can find out which material has the best on each platform through social analytic tools such as Google Analytics or Buzzsumo.

An exception is with timely content, which should not be repurposed. Don’t repost that blog about allowing your tenants to have Christmas trees in July, or building plans for a shopping center that was finished ages ago--no matter how well it performed. Focus on successful informational posts. If the original post had a link, make sure you double check it before you repost.

Reposting your best social media content ensures more people will see and interact with it. It gives your profiles a boost regardless of the algorithm. Find, tweak, and schedule your highest performing content to guarantee your posts reach their highest potential.


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