#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: Return to Storytelling Series… How Instagram Storytelling Can Bring Your Brand to Life


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If you’re an avid Instagram user, you probably know how much “Instagram Stories” has brought this platform to life! It’s no longer just about pretty pictures and curated feeds, now your voice and your everyday life is brought to the forefront through video and quick snapshots that disappear in 24 hours.

Don’t think that shot of your avocado toast is newsfeed worthy? Worried that you’ll regret that video of drunken karaoke tomorrow when the drinks have worn off? Is your cat so adorable you want to share all seven perfect photos you took of her this afternoon but don’t want the dog lovers in your life unfollowing you? These are the photos and videos that usually end up on “Insta-stories” and they quickly disappear for your audience unless you want to use Instagram’s new saving and filing feature. They are fun, light-hearted and are becoming a large part of how businesses interact with their clients.



Tell a Story

If you’ve decided that this is the year you’re going to use Instagram to tell your brand stories, you want to be sure you aren’t using Insta-stories like you might be on your personal account. When it comes to your business, not many people will care that you’re drinking a Starbucks coffee or opening a bottle of champagne on a boomerang. Your Insta-stories should tell an actual story.


Walk your followers through a recent remodel so they understand how you help your clients. Inspire your clients by sharing short videos from each of the members of your marketing team about what their resolutions are for the new year. Share some snapshots of your company’s favorite spots around the city for co-working.

Think about your target audience and what keeps them interested in the content you share in other places. Emulate that content through the use of Insta-stories to be sure you’re serving your target audience in the way they need and want.

Be Consistent

It’s easy to be tempted by all the fun emojis, icons and filters that Insta-stories offer us, but you should always consider your brand style when using these features. Stay true to your color palette, your overall look and feel, and your brand’s personality. It should be clear to your audience exactly who you are when your stories pop up on their story feed.

Add Unique Value

Share ideas, concepts, behind-the-scenes looks, and personal anecdotes on your Insta-stories that your followers can’t find anywhere else in your marketing. Give them a fun tour of your office talking to employees they might not usually interact with. Share a first look at a brand new property that hasn’t been showcased anywhere else. The more you give exclusive content on Insta-stories, the more likely they are to come back specifically for that special content they crave.

Instagram is an amazing platform for all things beautiful and curated, but Insta-stories offer your followers a true look into you, your business and your overall brand. Give it a shot in the new year – you might just have some fun.

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