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Everyone agent is anxious to start closing deals and turning over profits. But there are a few steps that come before you start raking in the dough. Let’s rewind and take a look at your social media strategy. Social media platforms guide people to your website and hopefully convert them into paying customers. The larger your following, the more social media can be used to find prospects, drive leads, sell products, and shape a brand image.

But how do you stand out from the rest of the world on these platforms? How do you gain the trust of your followers? Great social customer service can require extra special handling. Agent responses must be timely, accurate, sensitive, brief, and friendly. Here are some things you can do to show your following they can rely on you.

Develop a Content Strategy

Many people get inspired by a brand’s beautiful images. They interact with the content--read the caption, maybe like it or share it--but they never make a purchase. Social media is such a visual tool and there a lot of ways to be creative and effectively build an image for your brand. This includes visual campaigns, contests, and often blogging fun content. Try a bunch of different things to get the eyeballs of the cybernauts over to your sites. You can use analytic tools to watch what drives to settle on the best strategy. You just want to create some noise and get attention, but obviously in the classiest way possible.

I’m sure you can think of some commercial real estate Instagram with interesting posts that have zero resemblance to a listing. Can you call to mind any agents out there blogging their hearts out for the world so that somebody out there will find the property of their dreams? It’s all done without directly targeting a client, and I’d say they’re making a pretty darn good name for themselves.

Create Engaging Content

Social media is a carefully curated virtual experience that’s totally different for everybody. The consumer is in charge of what they see and what they ignore. Until you’ve proven yourself, it’s going to be hard to get followers to give you more attention. Post about community events, blog about seasonal trends, or even pose a question on Facebook. You gain trust by first providing content that is honest, interesting, and valuable. By providing something of value, you are able to market your brand to a more engaged audience.

In the fast-paced world of social media, a speedy response is critical. It’s all in the nature of the platform. The success of your social care efforts is going to depend on the quality of care you provide, and that includes the amount of time it takes to reply.

Follow Everybody

Find and follow influencers, competitors, and customers. Once you find the leaders, engage with them in meaningful connections. Another important part of the job is to collect and analyze activity so that you understand the kind of issues being raised over social media. This community social media-based information will help you better serve your own clients in the market for commercial properties.

#Engage and Measure Success

Hashtags do more than increase brand awareness. They track how your social media campaigns are performing. Regular monitoring of your company's social media pages combined with the savvy use of the sites can elevate your customer service efforts from “average account holder” to an exceptional CRE professional. The better your social care, the more social traffic you can expect, and this is a #win for leading with service on social media!

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