#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: Is Twitter Dead?


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There has been some talk over the past few years about Twitter and its place on the spectrum of effective social media marketing tools. Is it dead? Or dying? Or thriving? What’s the actual deal with Twitter?

It depends on your demographic.

For the younger demographic Twitter is still alive and kicking. For instance, Gen-Z is more likely to use Twitter than WhatsApp, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Tumblr, or Twitch. You may say that your audience isn’t quite as young as those in the Gen-Z demographic, but you need to keep in mind that these could be your future clients. For young business owners, it’s important that you’re present on the platforms that your near-future audience hangs out on!

In addition to the younger demographic, the African American community is also more present on Twitter. African Americans are actually 33% more likely to have a Twitter account than Caucasians, and four times more likely to use it daily. So, don’t shut out a specific demographic by not being present on Twitter!

Do you like using memes?

Twitter is actually the foundation of the meme format you’ve likely used and loved. If you love following, sharing and commenting on memes – and if they’re a fun part of your silly personality as a CRE company, look no further than Twitter.

It’s still real-time.

While Instagram and Facebook users are complaining about algorithms and changes to the newsfeed, not much has changed when it comes to Twitter postings. The wonderful part of Twitter is that your posts will show up in the newsfeed in the chronological order that you posted them. No worrying about posts being hidden or only showing up to your target audience weeks after you posted them. After all, that property you’re talking about may not even be available anymore.

You can gain access to unexpected people.

The beauty of Twitter is that sometimes a simple retweet from a celebrity or influencer in your industry could spark a conversation or exposure you could’ve never imagined. Twitter pulls back the curtains to the influencer community and allows for people from different communities to interact.

As a CRE professional, this gives you such a great opportunity to interact with influencers in your community, other CRE professionals, and your ideal audience in such an easy and straightforward way. No algorithms. No stress. No guessing games.

Every social media platform serves a different purpose for you as a marketer and CRE professional. Twitter offers its own unique advantages over some of the other platforms you might use like Facebook or Instagram. So, stop worrying about the future of Twitter and figure out if it suits your CRE needs!

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