#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: How to Find Out Where Your Best Clients Are Online


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Part of marketing to your clients in the online space is knowing exactly where they’re hanging out. The last thing you want to be doing is barking up the wrong virtual tree when trying to connect with your audience online. If they love hanging out on Instagram and you’re only using Facebook, you might just miss your build your social media relationship with the right clients.

So, how do you find your clients online? How do you know where they’re hanging out so you can connect with them?

Look at Your Web Traffic

Check out your Google Analytics. See exactly where your web traffic is coming from. Is it from Facebook? LinkedIn? Instagram? This program allows you to see the source of your web traffic. Often times if your audience is interested in your content enough to visit your website directly, others in your target market will be hanging out on the same platform.

If you find that a large chunk of your web traffic is coming from one social media platform, try investing more of your advertising dollars and precious time on that platform. It’s likely your ideal audience is already hanging out there.

Track Them

Shhhhh… don’t tell your clients we told you to do this. Part of knowing your clients, what they like, and where they hang out is to track where they’re going online, or even where they’re coming from. Use geofilters to see where your clients are logging in from. Implement tracking codes to see which sites your clients visit most. Understand what makes them tick, and want to work with you.

Come Right Out and Ask Them

Sometimes the easiest way to connect with your audience and understand where they would most like to interact with you is to just come right out and ask them! Maybe it’s in the form of a survey. Perhaps it’s just a simple conversation with them.

Start by finding a great example of your ideal client. Maybe it’s someone you’ve already built an excellent relationship with, and don’t mind picking their brain. Or it’s someone that represents exactly the type of client your CRE company is trying to work with. Ask them where they like to interact online. Find out exactly how they came across tour CRE business. Suggest that you connect via their favorite social media platform. Sometimes the easiest way to track down this information is to just come right out and ask.

As a CRE professional and a strategic marketer, you know you shouldn’t be wasting too much of your valuable time showcasing your expertise on marketing channels where your audience isn’t hanging out. Nail down exactly where your ideal client is looking to engage with you, and focus in your energy there. You’ll save time and have more valuable results.

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