#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: How to Build Relationships through Organic Social Media Marketing


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When many commercial real estate professionals think about marketing on social media, they immediately go to that dark place of confusing Facebook ads and costs-per-click. Hold up! Slow that panic train down. Marketing yourself on social media can be super effective without the expensive ad budget. How can you start organically marketing yourself through social media in a way that won’t break the bank?

Network with your current followers.

If you have any followers at all and we’re pretty certain you do, make sure they aren’t lost in the shuffle of you trying to get new ones. In our efforts to increase our reach on social media we’re often really quick to disregard the people who have already shown their commitment to us and our brand by clicking that “follow” button.

Make sure you’re posting regularly to your social media. But more than that, respond to comments. Keep the conversation going. Reach out directly to your audience members who have something interesting to say. You will be much more memorable in the minds of your audience if you show that you care.

Don’t be afraid to make friends.

For the people that follow you and engage with your content on a regular basis, don’t be afraid to friend request them from your personal account. Make them feel like they are part of the family. Maybe even take certain followers on your social media page and assign them to agents that might be a good fit for a personal connection. Let those agents reach out via Facebook Messenger or a Twitter DM. Making friends is what social media is all about, right?

Engage in groups.

LinkedIn and Facebook specifically are great resources for engaging followers through groups. There’s a group for everything online. If you’re a yogi that likes to eat KFC chicken, or an accountant that trains dogs in their spare time – there’s likely a Facebook group for you.

Find your tribe and ideal audience through these engaged Facebook groups and join the conversation. Post about what you do in your business, changes in the market, how you help your clients, and connect with people who engage in conversation with you around these topics. Sometime becoming a thought leader is all about putting yourself out there and discussing the topics that you know yourself to be an expert in.

Take things offline.

If you’ve built strong relationships with some of your followers online – take the next step and move those relationships offline. Hold a happy hour for all your online followers. Create an event around a talk you or your agents will give. If you’ve built a personal connection with someone, invite them for coffee to discuss commercial real estate and how you might be able to help them.

Building an audience online doesn’t have to be all about the ad spends and the click bait and all the things that make your head explode. Use social media as if it were a cocktail party. Mingle. Strike up conversations. Take an interest in people. And they’ll take an interest in you, too.

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