#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: How to Be a Social Media Lead-Generating Machine


Referrals are not the only way to gain business. Think of the names in commercial real estate you know. How many names are not people you’ve personally met? That’s okay! Around 40% of people spend more time socializing via social media than face-to-face chats. This underscores the importance social media plays in every aspect of your business, including winning more business! To be a lead-generating social pro:

#1. Know Your Channel

Who cares how many people use Facebook? If your audience doesn’t use it, it’s pointless to focus all your efforts on Facebook lead generation. Around 44% of B2B marketers have received leads through LinkedIn, which is more than Facebook and Twitter! Do some research and pick the right social medium to drive lead generation.

#2. Get exclusive

People like freebies. Why else do we come back from conventions with three tote bags, a dozen pens, and two pounds of branded sticky notes? Create an exclusive content offer, like a white paper, case study, or webinar. But, there’s a catch! Readers need to give a bit of information to get this valuable content. Sure, some readers will still click away, but those who do offer their contact information are self-qualifying as a potential lead.

#3. Boost those posts

The days of organic-drive traffic have waned. To reach your audience, you’ll need to pay-to-promote. Luckily, social media promotion is still relatively affordable when tied with hyper-targeting your audience. Promote that exclusive, game-changing content on your social channels using a boost. Sending the social media audience to your special content offer download helps collect those desirable leads.

#4. Use all the available tools

Social media platforms have heard our cry, and guess what? They’re going to help generate leads! Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer specialized lead generation advertising to connect your business with potential customers. On Facebook, they can connect with you without ever leaving Facebook. These ads even transfer over to Instagram, as long as they adhere to the platform’s design requirements.

#5. Literally put your face out there

Host a virtual hangout or live video session to make yourself more approachable to a wide audience. These sessions are excellent ways to gather leads. You can even offer a contest or reward for participation, aka more freebies! One lead-gathering tactic is to require advance registration for these live sessions. The second is to direct the viewers to resources, like your exclusive content, during the broadcast.

#6. Are you listening?

Not all the chatter about your brand is readily available. Gain more leads through social listening tactics. Use tools to monitor vital keywords or handles in your industry and then engage with the conversation. Discover a Twitter chat discussing a vital need you happen to service, or make a new connection that turns into a client.

#7. Give to receive

Social is a two-way street. You give, they give. Pay attention to the comments people leave on your networks. Respond! Build a rapport! Let everyone see that your brand really cares about their relationships, even if the consumer isn’t buying. Social media networking is customer service above all.

Lead generation is a part of your overarching social media strategy. Win more business and build a solid brand reputation with these tactics.

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