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When it comes to networking on social media, we talk a lot about the big ones like Facebook and Instagram. But what about LinkedIn? Because commercial real estate is a business-to-business industry, so many of your target clients are hanging out on LinkedIn. So why aren’t you marketing to them there?

We’ve put together some tips and tricks for attracting the right audience to your LinkedIn, and networking in a way that will drive traffic back to your LinkedIn page and clients to your front door.

Add All Your Personal and Professional Connections

It’s likely that you’re not even connected with everyone you could be in your in-person social network. LinkedIn is about connecting with old clients, past colleagues, and friends from business school. Use your e-mail contacts to search for all those important people in your network and start connecting with them on LinkedIn. It’s likely every colleague, friend or client can lead to more connections and, potentially, more business for you and your CRE firm.

Personalize Your Connection Message

When requesting to connect with a friend, past colleague, or once client, LinkedIn will send the standard “I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn” message. This always feels a bit impersonal and doesn’t foster the start of a conversation. Customize the message. Share something personal. Mention the last time you caught up with this person. Congratulate them on their latest promotion. It will be easier to strike up a conversation later if you didn’t go into the initial message totally cold.

Engage Strangers in LinkedIn Groups

If you’re looking to network with people you don’t already know – and you should! Try jumping into LinkedIn groups. The social media giant allows you to join up to 100 groups, and they offer almost any topic you could imagine. For a B2B company like a CRE firm, LinkedIn groups where small business owners in your community hang out can be a great resource for landing new clients.

When you first join a group don’t dive right in and start trying to work the room. Sit back and observe how the group operates and interacts. Introduce yourself. Let members know that you are new and why you’re there. Share a little bit of your personal story. Building relationships in these group is what will make you stand out – not spamming them with information about your CRE business.

Interact with Your Network

LinkedIn, like most other social media platforms, aren’t static communities. You need to interact with your network on LinkedIn almost in the same way you’d interact with friends and family that you want to stay in touch with. Like their recent posts. Comment on their promotion announcement. Send them a message about their latest charity project. Show your interest in their business and their life.

It isn’t aggressive sales calls or shady marketing tactics that bring clients straight to your front door – it’s genuine relationships. And just because you’re building them on social media doesn’t mean they aren’t real relationships that can turn into actual clients.

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