#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: Give the Gift of Social Media


Yet another year has flown by! As the holidays wind to a close, our marketing efforts never slow or stop. By now, your marketing team might be suffering from ideation burnout. The end of the year is a wonderful time to recharge and reward your marketing team. How?

Did you ever consider giving your team "a gift of social media?" Maybe you should. Outsourcing your social media content, even for a short time of time, can:

#1. Re-energize your social marketing

Did you ever have a conversation with a colleague that you walked away from feeling lighter and brighter? Sometimes an outside perspective is what the doctor ordered. Apply that to your social strategy. New eyes on your social marketing can rev up those creative juices again. Why not let someone else tackle that year-end social media audit? Or schedule a brainstorming session with your team and a social media expert? Let the outsider’s take on the team’s work inspire new conversations and ideas for the new year.

#2. Refocus on the most important work

Do you have a big launch coming up for the new year? The marketing team might be feeling the pinch to prepare and deliver an outstanding launch. Outsourcing some of the daily work, like curating social content or writing blogs, frees your marketing team’s time to nail down the launch without making sacrifices to your ongoing online marketing plan.

#3. Stay current

During the holidays, people are in and out of the office at weird times. Work drops off a bit as the year nears its end. We face personal challenges to stay focused and accomplish our work. Communication becomes a problem when multiple people are away on vacation. Shifting the work of tracking social media, even temporarily, ensures you keep social contact with your audience. And, if you’re frontloading content with the intent to auto-schedule while the team’s away, having extra help writing blogs or curating posts could relieve the stress of making those tight deadlines.

While it’s nice to reward your team with half-days of work or Christmas bonuses, the one thing we can’t truly give people is time. A good marketing program takes time. A “gift of social media” can be a “gift of time,” by letting someone else handle the busy work and letting your talented staff wrap up what’s most essential to start fresh in the new year.

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