#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: Do You Really Know Your Social Media Audience?


Everyone wants that piece of content to go viral. Reality check: we’re not all celebrities. Trying to reach millions of people with a crazy marketing video may get your brand name fifteen minutes of fame, but it’s unlikely to convert real customers. Your existing customer base may not even care about your cat video parody. When I talk to people whose mission for social media is to “go viral,” it’s time for a social media follower reality check.

Social media marketing is still marketing. Social content aligns with your audience’s needs, not the other way around. Instead of focusing on gaining millions of followers who will never engage your brand again, target the right people by crafting ideal client profiles. These profiles start with a solid understanding of who’s following and liking you now.

How to find your current audience

It’s easy to find out who’s watching your brand. You have current customer profiles: who they are, what industry they’re working in, and their demographics. Expand the information with the Insights provided by owned social channels. Profile these followers by their demographics and interests. Facebook Insights will tell you what section of your page your audience views and what actions they took on your page. They’ll also tell you what social content resonates with your audience. Facebook’s Audience Insights in the Ads Manager goes even deeper into the people following your page. Twitter Analytics and LinkedIn Analytics similarly explore posts and followers to see who’s connecting.

Expand your audience understanding further with Google Analytics data, although be wary of including these. Website visitors aren’t necessarily audience members: they could be bots, spammers, spiders, or visitors not interested in the product. Other ideas: create a reader or subscriber survey skewed to learn more about your audience, or do a meet-and-greet Q&A session on a social network.

Remember, the focus of audience profiling is to understand their needs, not just where they live or how old they are. Talk to your audience about the obstacles they’re facing, like keeping up with the CRE Tech disruption, or a changing workforce. Account for industry trends. What do your followers need to know to stay competitive in the next few years?

How to develop an ideal client profile

Ideal client profiles go back to your buyer personas. Giving these personas quirky names and personalities is fun, but profiles are useless if they lack data backing. Talk to your staff, especially the sales team, about the type of prospects they engage with every day. Look at industry information. What’s the market research saying? How about website data: who’s visiting? What pages are they most engaged with?

Use the information to paint a portrait of the ideal client profile. Brief example: “Dan, the hopeful entrepreneur, is an asset manager who knows email is an ineffective way to manage the 10+ properties in his growing portfolio. He’s starting to feel overwhelmed but wants to keep growing his business. He needs a solution to streamline reporting and communication. Customers like Dan are interested in our white paper, ‘Handling the Property Management Workflow.’” Clearly, the profile crafter talked to the sales team, looked at content downloads, or saw a high response to social posts advertising the white paper.

Comparing your profiles

Armed with an ideal profile, compare your real audience. Does your social content meet the needs of those target potential customers? Different businesses may have more than one target audience, so keep that into account when analyzing your social media audience. Otherwise, rethink your social content and what strategies will better target the ideal customer. When the right content aligns with the right consumer, then social media works more effectively than a viral video ever could.

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