#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: Did You Know Your Audience Has a Twin?


Identical twins are fascinating. Physically sharing genetic material, environmental factors still cause differences. One twin may be a social butterfly while the other is an introvert. Somewhere out there, your social media audience has its twin. These small differences in preferences can have big results for your social strategy. Facebook’s Lookalike Audience feature helps find your long-lost twins. Lookalike Audiences optimize your social media targeting and convert more leads in the process.

What is a Lookalike Audience?

Your current social media audience has solid conversion rates and click-throughs, but that’s not surprising. Simply liking your social network proves interest in your brand. The challenge is in reaching new customers that have never heard about you. Sure, you can advertise and use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn’s optimization to great effect. For even better conversion rates, try the Lookalike Audience feature.

Simply put, a Lookalike Audience is similar to your existing customer profile. You create a Lookalike Audience using a source audience, such as from Facebook pixel data, mobile app data, or existing page followers. Facebook analyzes their common qualities and finds similar people, aka, “lookalikes.”

Benefits of the Lookalike Audience

Since these new audience members have similarities to your current consumers, they have a better chance of converting. Your social promotion audience increases a thoughtful, targeted way.

Facebook allows you to create up to 500 Lookalike Audiences from one source audience. You can play around with the demographic or interest filters to see which Lookalike Audiences respond the best to your social targeting. Unless you are using a pixel as your source audience, the existing people in your source are excluded from the Lookalike Audience, ensuring only new potential leads see the social advertisement.

Facebook Lookalike Tips

Facebook offers recommendations to maximize the results of Lookalike Audience targeting. The best results come from a source audience ranging between 1,000-50,000 people that include all customers, and not just your best clients.

Try to target between 1-10 percent of the total population of your target country. The lower the number, the closer those Lookalike customers copy your original audience. However, the source audience must contain at least 100 people from the same country for the feature to work.

As always with social promotion, test, test, and test! See which Lookalike Audiences have the best return on investment for the social promotion. Test saved audiences versus lookalikes, test the audience targeting size, and test the social promotion copy. AdEspresso did an interesting social promotion experiment with Lookalike Audiences targeting return on investment for different target audience sizes showing bigger may not be better.

Hack your social media audience and gain more potential leads in the process with the Lookalike Audience feature. If you haven’t tried this before, we can help incorporate it into your social media strategy.

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