#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: Did I Do That? 4 Social Media Blunders to Avoid


Even the politest of us has suffered foot-in-mouth syndrome: the embarrassing situation when we say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Many faux pas are unintentional mishaps arising from a lack of information. Social media blunders magnify the problem. You can’t delete social mistakes, but you can make Miss Manners proud of your social branding. Your followers will thank you.

#1. Always selling

It’s amazing people still are floored when I say social media strategy isn’t about selling. The response: “But isn’t the point of a business social presence to sell product?”

Yes, you have social media to promote your “stuff,” the products or services your company offers. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. Do you like when the salesperson comes knocking on your door hawking a Sunday newspaper subscription or alarm systems or whatever? No one likes pushy sales tactics!

Social plays many roles in your branding. It’s customer service, branding, and marketing. Notice which came first: customer service. If you want to build a loyal following, think about how your services help others. Post like a friend, not a salesperson. Share useful original and curated content and gain follower trust.

#2. Being a troll

Does the message reflect your professional image?  A constant feed posting divisive content may generate comments and discussion, but people are growing tired of negativity.

Sure, venting and no-filter approaches work for some real estate professionals. This is not the norm. Think before you type. Reconsider a snappy retort to negative feedback. You can’t take back the message after ‘send.’ Someone will see it, even if you delete a minute after going live. Karma has a way of coming back.

The same is true of trolling your competition. Maybe it works for Wendy’s, but this can quickly go wrong. In real estate, the competition quickly becomes a business partner. Trolling tactics risk pushing the line too far and creating unnecessary bad blood.

#3. Copycatting

As a social media professional, I know the work involved with every Instagram post, every blog, and every campaign. We devote a ton of thought into our strategies and posts. Plagiarism is plagiarism, research paper or Twitter post. Don’t steal someone else’s work and market it as yours. Use plain common sense. Ask their permission, give them credit, or create your own original social content. Too busy to create it on your own? Find someone to help!

#4. Not following rules

Are you a member of a social group or community and suddenly find yourself blocked or banned? Social media platforms, groups, and networks have rules. Follow them to avoid getting banned. These include using trademark rules or, if you are a real estate agent, local regulations about marketing. One group learned this lesson when Facebook deleted a real estate page with over 47,000 followers due to trademark infringement.

Other rules include avoid spam, such as excessive posting on Facebook (wait a few minutes between posts), and connecting only to people you actually know. Avoid promoting your services on others’ business pages and using direct messaging to sell.


Understanding what not to do is as important as understanding what to do for social media success. We consult with real estate professionals every day on how to build a strong social media and content marketing strategy. Nurturing the right social media voice across channels helps your audience know what to expect from your brand.

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