#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: As Your Story Unfolds, Tell It On Social


Storytelling is the marketing buzzword of the moment. But in business, the stories keep changing. Unpack each chapter as it happens using social media. It's up to you to craft the compelling narrative that keeps the audience hooked.

How to Craft Stories on Social

There is no right or wrong way to tell your brand story. Each brand has a unique angle and voice. Finding your brand voice helps craft your approach to social media storytelling. Some ways to do it:

#1. Get personal

Let your followers know you’re not just a website, but a diverse company of real estate professionals. There are many ways to do this. Compelling founder interviews on why they started the company make for great content. So do client interviews where the client provides specific ways the product or service impacted their workflow. We’ve seen brands feature employees on social posts, using the text to highlight their skills and interests. Whatever the tactic, make sure it aligns with your branding.

#2. Discuss how challenge led to a new product.

People love to hear how others overcame obstacles. Offer your brand’s real challenges and struggles. Sharing stories of failures and successes humanizes the brand messaging while giving people something to connect to.

#3. Be authentic

Don’t be who you’re not. Align all the social posts to the brand values outlined in the company social strategy. Is your brand humorous? Post content to reflect a quirky slant on the business. Are you trying to inspire others? Show your brand mentors or inspirational messages. Have a family-like atmosphere? It’s okay to post a video of the staff enjoying each other’s company, or having fun with their clients. Be real and be you, always.

#4. Bring audience into the brand

Your clients are a huge part of your messaging. Use social to make them part of the story. Common methods apply user-generated content, such as through contests or campaigns. Try Reddit-style AMAs or ephemeral content. Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the work you’re doing. Publish live videos and let the audience ask questions in real-time.

#5. Create a series

Refinery29 found sequenced messaging in Facebook ads performed better than random advertising. You can apply the idea of sequencing to all social messaging. Create a series of Instagram stories, or Twitter posts, or Facebook messages. Keep building engagement and suspense with the next message in the series.

Your brand story is unique to you. Need help finding your social story? Look to your content marketing strategy. Don’t have one? Crafting a strategy will help find ways to share your tale with your audience.

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