#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: Are You Taking Advantage of the Most Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for 2018?


Facebook is not slowing down. So your company’s presence on the platform should be jogging along at the right pace keep up. But with just about every business putting themselves out there on the platform, how do you get your company to stand out? It’s all about the strategy, baby.

Study Your Facebook Demographics

Nearly one and a half million people are scrolling through their Facebook feed every single day. You aren’t trying to reach all of them. Find your target audience, their location, and their income. Once you've roped them in, expand a little bit. Do not use the demographics as limiting numbers, but as a chance to see where you can push the boundaries of your CRE following. “Too old” and “too young” aren’t words someone would use if he or she's experimenting with his or her growing his or her business demographic. After all, the young ones will be ready to start the business ventures sooner than you'd expect!

Schedule Posts

Facebook content should have high quality and high value. Don’t overwhelm your followers or be over-promotional. Instead, think about Facebook as an invitation for followers to visit your website or blog--if they decide to on their own.

Schedule posts that link to a recently published blog article or your website's event calendar. Highlight your company's values, share an entertaining (and appropriate) meme, or go ahead and advertise an online listing. Facebook is not a one-dimensional platform. It should be an online space that can identify with your audience and is individual to your CRE business.

Facebook Ad Strategy

It’s not all about the content for the feed. Social media ads are a shortcut to growing your audience a bit faster. You want your ad to aim to be cost-effective and relevant. This content will be squished between photos of newborn babies, puppies, and happy hour. How the heck will it get any attention? You’ve got to work hard to keep it fresh. Update your ad content every week or two, especially the images. This simple change will increase your visibility and click through rate. Keep a spreadsheet to record the metrics to give you unique insight into how to approach the following ads.

Engage With Followers

Conversation and discussion should never scoot to the back burner. Afterall, isn't discussion part of the root idea of a social media platform? Don’t wait for your audience members to be the first to interact. Respond to comments, jump in conversations, ask questions--just get out there and keep your brand active on the internet!

Track and Analyze Your Strategy

You need insights on what works to keep your Facebook marketing campaign prosperous. Review reports, make room for changes and think of ways you can improve your overall strategy.  Once you strike gold, plant those little Facebook marketing seeds and let them take root. It's safe to say Facebook is here to stay.

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