#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: Are You Ignoring Your LinkedIn Profile?

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Stop viewing LinkedIn as a hub for job seekers. The social media platform improves brand engagement and awareness because you're building credibility as the go-to source in your industry. Building awareness through LinkedIn isn't complicated.

LinkedIn’s Business Benefits

Back in 2015, LinkedIn overtook Facebook as the most important social platform for B2B marketers. A Regalix poll found LinkedIn was the leading platform for product launches among B2B businesses.

Clearly, businesses found advantages using LinkedIn to promote the brand. HubSpot found LinkedIn referral traffic delivered the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate. The data is slightly outdated (2012) but LinkedIn’s user count has grown exponentially since then to 500 million users. It’s not a stretch to think promotions would convert more visitors today.

People will research your brand online. It’s not just job seekers visiting your LinkedIn page. Potential clients, peers, media outlets, and service providers are checking out companies’ professional profiles. A LinkedIn profile promotes your brand to a diverse professional network.

What to Do With Your LinkedIn Profile

Jazz Up That Profile

LinkedIn is about building brand recognition. It starts with a company page that reflects the brand from image to bio. Keep the visuals consistent across other owned media. Craft an engaging profile that clearly lays out the benefits others gain from working with your brand.

Showcase Your Stuff

Use LinkedIn’s publishing tools to announce press releases, product launches, and helpful industry information. Note company milestones and successes by professional leadership. If employees are active thought leaders on LinkedIn, share their content, too. Let others know what professional events you’ll attend or what speaking opportunities you’ll appear in. Sync your blog to LinkedIn to autoshare relevant content.


Get an SEO boost with LinkedIn pages. Include keyword rich sentences in your profile, external links, and URL link.

Track Analytics

As with other social media platforms, gain insight into your platform audience and page performance with data insights. Administrators can see which posts resonate with LinkedIn’s audience. Hone in on your key demographic and publish content directly to them.

Curating content through your LinkedIn profile is another way to win audiences. If you’re not using LinkedIn now, really consider including it as part of your social media strategy. With the right management, LinkedIn has the potential to generate more leads and brand awareness for your business.

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