#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: 6 Mistakes Beginners Make in their Social Media Marketing


As a parent, I know it’s tempting to do it all. If I’ve learned anything from working in social media, it’s that we need a plan. When we try to do everything at once, some critical piece will end up falling behind. For startups tackling a field as massive and complex as social media, you need to thoughtfully research the best steps to take as a newbie. Take our advice and avoid these mistakes.

#1. Forgetting the end user

Never, ever forget the WHO behind why you are creating those blogs, ebooks, and Instagram stories. This does happen. We get so busy churning out content we forget to talk to the consumer. To listen to their needs. To address their wants in our content creation. Let’s say it again: keep the client top of mind.

#2. Lack of automation

Managing a social media and blog program is a busy job with many roles. You’ve got to be an analyst, a creative guru, a superb writer, a technical whiz, a communication genius, and much more. At some point, you’ll need some form of automation. This will help you scale marketing efforts as the business grows.

#3. Not optimizing

You need to optimize for mobile. Our blog explains why. Optimizing for mobile will naturally help your SEO efforts. Additionally, remember to use your website’s widgets or add-ons to help optimize your blogs and web pages for their titles, URL, meta tags, keywords, and more.

#4. Not repurposing

Stop spinning the hamster wheel to always be new. You can market a single piece of content multiple times across social and owned networks. One blog can have five quotes marketed on Twitter or Facebook, be turned into an infographic, and link to a how-to video for more promotion. Keep reusing your best performing content in as many ways as you can think.

#5. Not experimenting

Jeff Bullas mentioned how Coca Cola’s content strategy saves around 30 percent of its efforts towards experimenting with high-risk but innovative ideas. You, too, must experiment from time to time to keep your efforts fresh. As he mentioned, that bold, new idea might become the future backbone of your marketing efforts.

#6. Forgetting the analytics

Especially when you’re starting a marketing program for a new business, the small numbers in the metrics can be disappointing. Nonetheless, make it a habit now to regularly check how your efforts are performing. Keep in mind much of owned content is a long-term strategy. What the analytics should show is growth over time. Pay attention to what content is gaining traction and use it to inform your marketing plan. Remember to pay attention to what’s converting visitors to customers. And if the analytics aren’t growing, ask the tough questions.

As a startup, tackling social media and blogging can be “just one more thing” to do. You know it’s important, but so is everything else. In these cases, consider outsourcing your social media program to the experts.

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