#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: 5 Steps to Get a Social Media Popularity Boost


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Social media is a mysterious beast that we’re still learning to tame. Changes crop up left and right, posts and updates slam your screen at a million miles a minute. If you’re not in the trade of social media marketing, you’re already overwhelmed and you haven’t even logged in. Despite the murky waters, we can all assign value to the role of social media across industries.

There are a lot of commercial real estate agents and companies totally killing it on the social media scene. Now is the time to move your own social media to the next level. You don’t have to be a professional media marketer if you want to gain some popularity.  Getting people to make some noise about your CRE accounts is made easy with these five simple steps.

You Need a Niche

There are a number of different ways to gain popularity on the internet. The first step may be so obvious it could get overlooked--find your niche. Since your audience can’t be half of Instagram, it’s time to reel it in! We think it’s safe to assume it’s commercial real estate. Check. The whole “determining your audience” phase is done.

Keep Watch

Step two is the research phase. Be prepared to log some serious hours on social media. If you don’t already follow people in the CRE biz, find them online to get a better idea of what you need to do to get on their level. Look everywhere--Twitter, Youtube, blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook. Search everyone from local agents to HGTV superstars.

Doing the research on other content creators will give you an understanding of the competition and fanbase. Take your time on their pages and do more than just poke around--dive in and get inspired! See what everyone else is producing and think about how you can make your content more exciting and unique than what you’re seeing.

Managing your Presence

You should start with at least two platforms. For commercial real estate, those should be Facebook (for the audience) and Instagram (for the strong visuals). Use the same username across platforms. Use your logo or profile picture and make them the same for brand recognition. Think of your brand like a company--stay consistent. And stay relatable with casual language, trendy images, and sleek layouts.

Popularity is all about presence. In addition to social media, you should have a website or blog. This will allow people to search you more easily and find the direct access to social media platforms as well as some good content. Cross promote on platforms and always give people the option to easily follow you somewhere else.

Content Creation

Good content is all about finding that sweet spot. It needs to be informational but professional. Direct and bold without feeling aggressive. Entertaining, but still taken seriously. Using slang will just turn away a certain audience, while something dry will be hard for others to swallow. Find the balance and come up with some really cool content people will want to read.

Get people engaged with hashtags and memes. These are the kinds of things that seem silly, but people go wild! This content that gives you a personality, maybe even makes you feel more relatable,  and gets followers engaged. But keep the real estate theme. Remember posting irrelevant things will cause you to lose followers.

When it comes to creating content, produce and publish the highest quality content you possibly can. There is already enough junk out there on the web and you don’t want any of it associated with your brand. Be creative. Have fun. Prove that you’re authentic.

Don’t Give Up

A lot of people think being internet famous is easy and breezy, but it can eat up more than a full-time job for some people!  You might not be getting the results you want right away, or even for a long time. You have to keep working at it, finding your audience, and creating content that stands apart as valuable, entertaining and informative.

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