#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: 4 Reasons Why Instagram Is Increasingly Popular


Over 700 million people now use Instagram, the visual sharing platform. No wonder more CRE companies are looking at Instagram to engage with their audiences! Today, Instagram ranks highly for overall engagement among industry professionals. One professional predicts Instagram usage will overtake Facebook by 2020. Why is Instagram getting all the buzz?

#1. People like pictures

Any real estate professional AND content marketer worth their salt knows the power of the visual. Bad images kill sales. Instagram’s image-forward platform naturally appeals to how human beings interpret information. People like pretty pictures.

#2. Easy to use

Instagram’s been updated through the years, but it’s consistently maintained a simple user interface that makes sharing easy. Where other platforms can get crowded with information, Instagram maintains a clean feed. Finding accounts of interest to follow is a straightforward search for user or hashtag. Plus the app works well on multiple devices.

Instagram allows anyone to be the photographer. Even the poorest photo can turn into something artsy with its easily applied filters. Instagram allows the average joe to feel like he is the next prize-winning photographer!

#3. Improved features

Instagram may have “borrowed” some of its features from other social channels (ahem, Snapchat!) but when it does take something, it really improves upon it. Take its Stories function, which is now more popular than Snapchat’s version. Just last year, influencers posted 7.6 stories per day on Instagram versus 3.6 on Snapchat. Other winning features: How about the ability to purchase a product without leaving the Instagram app? Or the ability to live stream? Instagram users create photo galleries, post multiple photos in a single post, and track its audience with pixels.

#4. Reach People

While some social media networks’ constant tweaking of their News Feed algorithms makes it frustrating for businesses to market to people, on Instagram it’s still easy to gain organic followers. Of course, you can still pay to promote posts and have access to powerful targeting to reach your potential consumers.

Instagram is visually engaging, quirky, and user-friendly. What’s a content marketer not to love? Need proof Instagram can work for commercial real estate? Check out our 19 Top CRE Companies on Instagram for inspiration! Or, talk to us about how to incorporate it into your social strategy.

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