#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: 4 Hacks to Boost Your LinkedIn Game

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LinkedIn is the perfect place for some good ol' online business networking. If you are not taking advantage of this platform, take notes. We are about to tell you how to use your LinkedIn not only to build straight sales, but how to develop a network that will generate a considerable number of exciting opportunity for your business.

Competition is fierce out there on the internet. Don’t let your profile slip. Here are the LinkedIn hacks you need to know to keep your networking game on fire.

Update Your Profile

First thing is first: Update your profile. Many people forget to keep their LinkedIn profile updated! It seems silly to say this, but an outdated LinkedIn will look pretty bad on your business. Check to make sure your professional headline is looking fresh and fine. Tell everyone on LinkedIn who you are, what you do, and why you are someone they need to connect with. While you are at it, make sure your company’s other basic information is correct.

Only Use Professional Photos

You need to have a photo if you want a better chance of being viewed. Some statistics claim your profile is eleven times more likely to be viewed with a photo. If you’re still the default figure, it is time to unveil yourself--post a picture for the world to see! Here is some friendly advice. The photo should be very recent and utterly professional. Do not use any photo from a social media or dating site. Or one with you and your husband or your pet--ever.

If your profile looks too average, even with a profile photo upgrade, give your page a bit more personality. Add a high-quality background image that highlights your company!

Write An Incredible Summary

Many people feel weird saying good things about themselves. Don't! Be confident and proud. This is where you really sell yourself to potential connections. Your summary needs to expand what is in your headline to highlight your specialties, career experience, and leadership skills.

Just keep your ego in check. There are plenty of ways to showcase your talents without going overboard. Focus on the most relevant details about your career and avoid meaningless jargon. Keep it simple and easy to read. Also, publish nothing until every last typo is gone.

Build a Large Network

One of the biggest mistakes people make on LinkedIn is failing to reach out to people you want to know but don’t yet. That is the entire point of networking, and LinkedIn makes it accessible at any moment of the day!

More people see your best content, share that content, and visit your website. It’s great for personal branding and business branding.

From time to time, remember to download your connections. After going through all that trouble, you do not want to lose valuable contact information of your connections!

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