#KeepingCRESocial: 5 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Following in Less Than an Hour a Day


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Who has the time to grow their social media following, am I right? Life is hard enough keeping up with e-mails, text messages, calls from clients, and creating valuable content for your target audience. And now you have to GROW that audience? Shouldn’t it just grow itself?

The good news is – you can make a significant dent in that traffic to your social media channels with just an hour or less a day of dedication. And here’s how!

#1. Start with a strategy… and have your limits.

Have you ever heard the phrase that you have to say “no” sometimes to get ahead in work and life? Well, the same is true for your social media. Don’t try to do it all. Pick the social media channels that best showcase your content. Do you take great property photos? Try Instagram or Pinterest. Are you all about CRE current events? Maybe Facebook and Twitter would be the right pairing for you. Be strategic with your selection, and don’t try to be everything for everyone… on all social media channels.

#2. Consistency is key, which saves you time.

If you’re sharing a lot of photos of your properties, or maybe just graphics with inspirational quotes – create a template for your work. That way, whenever you want to post something new to your social media accounts – drop the photo in, change some text and you’re ready to go! You can even use Adobe Lightroom presets to build out custom filters you can later use for your photos. Or try Canva to build easy graphic templates.

#3. Following for follows to grow a lacking audience.

For a social media channel like Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, you’ll often gain followers just by following people that you know your content will be relevant to. By spending a few minutes a day searching for users that are interested in commercial real estate and following them, you’ll like create a following yourself.

#4. Run a giveaway or contest.

A quick way to gain followers is to offer something in exchange for a follow, a like or an e-mail address. It could be as simple as a Starbucks gift card, or a copy of your favorite book about CRE. You can place an ad to your target audience and require a follow or like as part of the submission process. And for a fairly small expense you can gain a lot of followers.

#5. Engage, engage, engage.

A huge part of gaining followers for your social media accounts is to just be present with your target audience. Go out to their social media accounts and comment on their work. Engage your audience in valuable and meaningful ways. Start a conversation. Like the posts of people in your industry or those on a CRE hashtag. Being present in the online community and people will take notice – even if it’s just 15 minutes a day.

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