#KeepingCRESocial: 4 Resolutions for Social Media Marketers


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It’s time to set those New Year’s resolutions. So, what does the ideal 2018 look like for you? Losing those extra 10 pounds you’ve been fighting off since “Friends” was on the air? Maybe it’s taking up the latest fitness craze of Crossfit, Orange Theory or just good old fashioned goat yoga?! Perhaps it’s limiting yourself to 12 different series to watch on Netflix. Oh wait, didn’t Stranger Things just get renewed for another season?! Make that 13.  

Regardless of the New Year’s resolutions you’re making in 2018, you should probably have a few for your thriving CRE business – right?! And how about your social media strategy? It probably needs some TLC just like that junk drawer you promised yourself you’d clean out in 2018.

#1. Go LIVE!

It’s so easy for your target audience to get to know you and your brand by going live and answering their questions in real time. Have a fantastic new listing? Do a Facebook Live while walking through the property and answering potential client’s questions. Want to talk about a special charitable project you’ve began as an organization? Use Instagram Live to tell your favorite clients about it. They will feel closer to you which will make you more memorable as a potential future partner or referral option.

#2. Provide more value.

For every four times you share something with your social media audience, only once should you be asking for something in return. Developing a genuine following with an engaged audience is only possible when you’re giving them a reason to interact with you. What are they getting out of it? If you can’t answer that question, you’re doing it wrong.

#3. Plan, plan, plan.

It’s easy to fly by the seat of your pants when it comes to social media. That’s what it’s all about, right? Well, maybe on your personal page, or the Chewbacca fan page you’ve been running since high school. A well thought out and strategic plan for your social media takes time and proper planning. We’re certain you’ll see the fruits of your labor if you spend a little time scheduling out the most engaging posts during the times your audience is most active.

#4. Ask your audience to interact.

One of the social media trends that will take the industry by storm in 2018 is asking for feedback from your audience as a source of content on your social media page. For instance – asking your clients to share their favorite picture of their workspace. Or maybe suggesting your audience record a video in their favorite retail space, and to tell the rest of your followers why it’s their spot. It’s another way to make your relationships stickier and to keep your content fresher!

As much as we know all of you would rather be at the gym sweating it out in that pilates class or cooking all those meals you promised yourself you would start making, isn’t social media a much more fun resolution to actually keep in the New Year?

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