#KeepingCRESocial: 3 Ways to Build Your Brand on Social Media While You’re Knocking Out Your New Year’s Resolutions


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Ugh. New Year’s resolutions – am I right? How many of you have already broken at least one of yours? At a bare minimum, we hope that you haven’t broken your business resolutions to dominate your commercial real estate market in the New Year.

We definitely won’t tell anyone about that giant glass of wine you’re having during sober January while sitting at your computer, instead of at the gym, building out your social media presence. While we want you to keep those personal resolutions, we’re much more worried about you sticking with those important plans for your social media growth in 2018. So, how can you keep your professional resolutions while working on your personal ones? We have a plan!

#1. Work your audience while working out.

Most people think that they can throw some good content up on their social media accounts and the followers will flock to follow them and their CRE business. Well, that’s kind of like signing up for a gym membership and sitting at home on the couch waiting for those extra pounds to melt away. Sorry, but it ain’t happening!

The good news is, while you’re working the stationary bike or walking on the treadmill, you can also be networking with your followers and people in your industry. Leave meaningful comments, like interesting articles, share your favorite content, and make your name and your contribution known to the online community. The more you engage with others, the higher the engagement you’ll see on your own accounts. People don’t forget their biggest fans and they’ll return the love.

#2. While you’re organizing your life, organize your social media posts.      

It’s easy to carry on with your life and work without any real strategy around your social media posts. It’s kind of like that stack of papers sitting in your home office or that overflowing closet you vowed to clean out in the new year. While you’re organizing your life, think about organizing your social media posts.

Use a scheduling program like Hootsuite or SproutSocial to knock out post scheduling at the first of every month so you don’t have to worry about it later. Recycle older content that is still relevant to your audience. Be strategic about your posts by evaluating the type of content your audience has most engaged with in the past and vow to share more of that value.

#3. Put down that cupcake, glass of wine, or cigarette and pick up your iPhone video.

Whatever vice you’ve decided to give up this new year (assuming it’s NOT your iPhone), replace that wandering hand with your cell phone’s video function. Get out there and start talking to your social media following. Video, especially live video, is where it’s at for 2018 and if you aren’t doing it you can be sure your competitors are.

We know you have some extra time on your hands in sober January or during those cigarette breaks you no longer take, so why not go live on Facebook and talk to your followers about their struggles with their own resolutions? You’ll build stronger relationships with your followers who won’t forget about you next time they need a commercial real estate professional.

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