Interview with CRE // Tech Founder, Pierce Neinken

interview with pierce neinken // founder of cre // tech

CRE // Tech seems to have morphed into much more than hosting events. What other things are you guys doing these days?

Pierce: We started in 2013 with a single event in San Francisco. With the support from a vibrant community we have expanded with events in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin and London. Our activities have had one goal, build a bigger conversation about how technology is changing the commercial real estate industry.

Today we’ve grown beyond just events. Everything we do is rooted in our new mission to promote awareness of emerging and innovative commercial real estate technologies.
— Pierce Neinken

We're working to accomplish this through:

  • Thought Leadership Reports (see our semi-annual CRE // Tech Report)
  • New Online Media (be on the lookout for the unveiling of which will feature TED talk style briefings from Industry leaders).
  • Consistent Community Building activities like our monthly CRE // Tech Founders Forum, a group whose purpose is to provide a place for principals of CRE tech companies to leverage each others' experiences, brainstorm, and ultimately create opportunities.  

CRE // Tech remains a community driven organization. We're fortunate to have built strong partnerships with trade groups including ULI and ICSC.

I love your newsletter that you are sending out. What’s your objective with the newsletter?

Pierce: The Newsletter is an extension our mission. We want to keep our community informed and engaged.  It also gives us a chance to highlight the amazing collaborators and sponsors that continue to help us expand our reach.  

How does CRE // Tech use Content Marketing to get its brand out into the marketplace

Pierce: Our community generates the content and we feel fortunate to spread the word. Commercial real estate technology entrepreneurs are making incredible strides in making the industry more efficient. We're excited about that and want to share our excitement with others.

How important is social media in your marketing strategy?

Pierce: We strive to be innovative in everything we do. We are a community driven organization. Traditionally social media and word of mouth has been the number 1 way people become aware of what we're doing. It's a growing expectation across all industries to have a social media presence.  

Can you tell us about the directory you created with Real Estate Tech News?

Pierce: Our mantra is Advance Together. The directory was a great way to leverage information we had already collected for the CRE // Tech Report. We want to serve as an open source platform to learn about how technology is changing the industry. We're pleased to have had the opportunity to work with RE Tech News on this dynamic resource.

What’s next for CRE TECH?

Pierce: We hope and will strive to reach more people by expanding our symposium events into new territory across the country and internationally.  Be on the lookout for

Since we are a break-even enterprise, part of our success depends on those friends and volunteers who see CRE // Tech as an essential ingredient for the future of our industry.  That network of professionals has helped this become a moment where we can truly Advance Together.

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