How Your Perfectionism is Killing Your Marketing


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We all have a little bit of perfectionism when it comes to our work, but how much is too much? Are you agonizing over every social media post, line of your newsletter, blog sentence, and stock photo when it comes to your digital marketing?

Believe it or not, your desire to make sure your message is just perfect every time may actually hinder your marketing efforts. Sometimes it’s best to execute more than analyze, and marketing is one of those areas where if you sit on something too long it may be out of date next week! It’s critical to stay current. And we have just a few reasons why you shouldn’t get too perfect when it comes to your marketing efforts.

It will hinder your creativity.

Sometimes when you obsess over every little detail, you kill the creativity. If you’re worried about exactly how a message sounds or the perfect lighting for your photo before sharing it on your website or with your audience, you may not end up posting it at all.

There’s a degree of spontaneity that comes with good marketing and a lot of that has to do with current events or what’s hot in the market. If you put every piece of marketing through a rigorous review cycle, the moment may have passed before it even goes live on your platforms or website.

The personality of your brand won’t shine through.

If you’re an organization that isn’t exactly buttoned up or serious, perfection in your market may not even represent your brand well. Sure, you want everything to look great, but if most of your message is conversational and light hearted, perfect isn’t exactly on brand for you.

Sometimes it’s those honest messages or quick blog posts that resonate most with your audience, and end up going viral. After all, how many viral videos have you watched lately that were filmed in a studio with perfect lighting? Probably none.

You’ll drag your feet.

Whenever you have a stringent process around how things get done, you’re likely going to drag your feet. Extra steps always slow down the process, and you may make more excuses to not execute if there are too many parameters around your creativity.

Don’t get us wrong. We don’t suggest that you post sloppy work or blog posts littered with typos, but we also don’t think you need to be too worried if your tone is too conversational or if the topic seems silly or slightly controversial.

It could dehumanize you.

It’s important for your brand to remain human. After all, you have to connect with your audience. And you know that your potential clients are anything but perfect, so why should your brand be?

So, when it’s time to showcase your marketing efforts and reach your audience, take a deep breath and just get your work out there! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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