How will SEO change in 2018?


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Are you thinking about Search Engine Optimization when it comes to your business? Well, you should be if you aren’t already. And for those not familiar with the term “SEO,” this is the concept for maximizing your website’s rankings on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing by implementing specific content that is relevant to your audience.

So, whether you’re just starting to develop your critical SEO strategy or worried how changes in 2018 might shake up the plans you have for your web presence, we’re highlighting the areas that will likely have the biggest impact on your SEO in 2018.

Video and images will carry more weight.

We’re huge fans of media like video, and apparently – now SEO algorithms are, too. Because visual elements like images, GIFs and videos are increasing in relevance and entertainment value to your target audience, search engines will start to prioritize them when evaluating the importance of a website. And in addition to recognizing these elements as improving a website, search engines will also start to incorporate changes in their own search functionality to make videos easier to find.

Companies will begin to consider how their website responds to voice searching.

“Alexa! Can you find my website?” With so many more people investing in voice smart speakers, and subsequently using them to get their important questions answered – businesses are beginning to evaluate how their websites respond audibly. Companies are beginning to invest in websites that can be found easily by devices like Alexa from Amazon. Is it time to give your CRE website an audio overhaul?

Search results are getting personal.

It’s highly likely that as a consumer you notice how your personal searches are haunting you all over the Internet. Researching a vacation to the Caribbean? I bet you can’t surf Facebook without seeing an advertisement for a tropical resort. With search engines getting so much more savvy with their search results and ad placements based on the personal preferences of their users, companies are having to focus strongly on their target audience and what that audience wants. And it may become more difficult to show up in searches for exactly who and what you’re targeting.

Location services will be your best friend.

Have you heard of “hyperlocal” content when it comes to your SEO? It might just be your best friend. Search engines are increasingly utilizing the location services on consumers’ computers and cell phones to return results right in their neighborhood. For commercial real estate professionals focusing on a local area, this is good news. Your content will be increasingly sent to a relevant audience in your neighborhood. This could prove more difficult for those CRE companies that focus on a wide range of areas, cities or neighborhoods.

If you didn’t focus on SEO in 2017, it might be time to make it one of your business resolutions. And ultimately, SEO is all about knowing your target audience and providing them content that will feel like it was created just for them!

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