How to Use Your Blog for Event Exposure: Tips for ICSC NY Deal Making and CREtech NY


By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

Social media is one way to set yourself apart of the crowd when attending ICSC NY Deal Making or CREtech NY. Your blog is another tactic to building buzz for your brand and getting the most from these events. Try these strategies to get the most of the events.

#1. Before: Build anticipation

If you are a speaker, panelist, or vendor, your blog is a tool to build anticipation for these conferences. Write a blog that teases your presentation or what your vendor booth will offer. Encourage attendees to visit your session or stop by your vendor booth.

Event attendees, write what you are looking forward to learning from the experience. Past attendees can attest to the value gained from conferences like CREtech NY or ICSC NY Deal Making. Why not explain in a blog why others should attend these events?

#2. During: Go fishing for content

During an event like ICSC New York Deal Making or CREtech NY, you have two options: create content on the fly or create content for later. If you’re creating on the fly, opt for live broadcasting or live blogging. ICSC is a three-day event, so you could easily schedule during-conference event interviews or create daily wrap-ups. Otherwise, use the events to capture interviews with key attendees that you can publish later.

Use the event to turn people onto your blog and website content. Is your marketing team working on a case study or wrapping up a survey? Why not talk about its upcoming release to your captive audience? Give them a reason to visit your blog later. Even better? If you have that valuable content now, talk about it. Direct that audience member to visit your blog or website now and download it!

#3. After: Keep momentum

A blog is the perfect way for speakers and panelists to follow-up on the thoughts they had but were unable to discuss during their presentation. If you promised something during the event, make sure to deliver the promised white paper, ebook, case study, or whatever! Did you conduct interviews with influencers during CREtech NY or ICSC Deal Making? Publish the content you captured during the event while interest is hot.

Attendees can blog what they learned from this year’s event and their sessions. Consider a blog about “questions I still have,” and tag leaders for their comments. You never know what insightful conversations might start.

Events like ICSC New York Deal Making and CREtech NY assist for social efforts to expand your network. Keep interest in your brand going. When someone engages with your blogs, whether it’s a comment on the page or on promotional social media, respond. Add to the conversation and continue relationship-building.

We look forward to meeting you at these industry-leading events. Feel free to stop by and talk social strategy with our team.

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