How to Use Instagram to Boost Real Estate Marketing

Real estate professionals avoiding Instagram are missing an amazing opportunity to promote their listings. Instagram is a visually-driven social platform; real estate is a visually-driven business: do the math.

Over 60% of the social platform’s users are 18-64, according to Pew Research. This is wide demographic covering first-time homebuyers, upgrading families, downsizing retirees or buyers seeking a vacation home. Instagram can be applied to residential and commercial real estate. Here’s how real estate agents and property managers can use Instagram to leverage new leads:

Do You Have a Personality?

Honestly, Instagram will not work if you have a cardboard personality. Videos and photos should reflect what makes your business unique! Seeing your images and reading your captions is how users get to know the account holder and decide if they are the type of person or firm they want for cutting a deal. Note that videos have a greater response than still photography because of its ability to speak direct to the audience and show some character. There’s no need to sacrifice professionalism for an artificial bubbly persona, but avoid interacting on Instagram with the enthusiasm of a high school physics teacher. Usaj Realty in Denver strikes the right balance between professionalism and sharing their love for the outdoors.

Use Popular Hashtags

Another important tool in Instagram success is the appropriate use of hashtags. Users search their interests based on tags. Having the right ones paired with your posts is essential for generating views. Do some research and see what hashtags are popular in your market. Look at tags like #dallasrealestate or #kyfarmproperties. Each post can use a few tags, but be careful of overwhelming the text area with a string of hashtags. Incorporate the hashtags naturally. For example: “Stunning #newlisting in #palmbeachcondo. 3 bed/2bath with #oceanfront views, updated kitchen, and air-conditioned storage. #palmbeachrealestate”

Highlight Your Listing’s Key Features

Instagram videos last only 15 seconds. Professional five-minute video tours aren’t going to cut it. Instead use the video function to highlight the key features your love about the listing. Stand in the kitchen and talk about the amazing space, or walk onto the apartment balcony and gush over the setting sun. Commercial real estate agents can use the video to showcase special moments in their spaces: the city skyline on a snowy day, a new bride coming down the stairs, an update on project renovations. While you’re at capturing videos, take several to build a resource for several posts.

Go Behind the Scenes

Users love to see what’s going on in places they don’t usually experience. Take a short clip of preparing for an open house or post a photo of a happy couple leaving their closing. Conferences and trade shows are other great times to post photos or videos, showcasing you’re learning about the latest real estate trends. Developers can snapshot updates on progress or show renderings in progress.

Grab Client Testimonials

Interview happy clients in their new home. Ask them questions about their home-buying experience. Get them to talk about what they love about their new purchase. Post and remember to tag their Instagram accounts.

Show Off the Town

Your Instagram account doesn’t always have to be listings, listings, listings. People want to know about the neighborhoods. Posting about attending a spring training game has the double benefit of showing off your personality and what activities are nearby. This could apply to anything: local restaurants, walking the dog in the park, a night at the beach--whatever applies to the area. Find the balance between highlighting listings and what the area has to offer. Piquet Realty’s account shows how to mix listings with stunning shots of sunsets, teambuilding events, and local neighborhood activities.

Link Web Profiles to Your Website

Instagram is not just on mobile devices anymore. Each account has a beautifully designed web profile with your profile photo and biography. This page is excellent for linking to your website. Seattle agent Georgia Wall is an example of an agent using Instagram’s web profile to promote her business.

Still not sure if Instagram is the right social media platform for you? Learn more from the most influence real estate brands on social media or see our 12 must-download platforms for real estate.

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