How to Stay Top-of-Mind with Your Past Clients


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As a busy commercial real estate professional, it’s easy to “love the one you’re with” and only focus on either current or prospective clients. Once they’ve purchased a property with you it’s likely your past clients are out of sight and out of mind, but that might be a big mistake.

Past clients, especially the particularly successful transactions, can be an excellent source of referral or future business. It’s important to keep past clients as part of your network and ongoing marketing strategy. Here are a few great ways for you to stay top-of-mind for all clients, not just current ones.

Stay Engaged Through Social Media

Many CRE professionals think social media is just for generating new leads, but it’s a great way to stay engaged with previous clients. Because your social media channels are a place where not all your followers are currently looking for property, it’s important to share valuable content related to your industry as opposed to just new property listings. Showcasing yourself as a thought leader in your industry and city, not just as an agent, will keep past clients engaged and potential new clients impressed.

Keep in Touch with Newsletters

It’s no problem if your past clients aren’t very “social.” An e-mail newsletter is a great way to stay in touch without the touchy-feely aspects of social media. Share some of the quirky commercial properties in the area, the hot new start-ups hitting your city, and valuable negotiation tips for purchasing property. Next time your past clients are looking to pass along a recommendation to their friends your name and phone number will be just a forwarded e-mail away.

Don’t Be Afraid to Pop-In

Staying memorable is all about keeping yourself in front of your past clients, digitally or in person. It could be a holiday card or e-mail, a delivery of cookies to your client’s office, or a quick phone call just to check in and see how business is doing. Dropping in just to say hello when you know a past client isn’t looking for a piece of property will go a long way. It speaks volumes that you value the relationship as opposed to just trying to make your next sale.

Keep Good Documentation

It may sound overwhelming to manage your existing relationships, drive new business and keep in touch with past clients but that’s exactly why you need an excellent customer relationship management (CRM) tool working for you. A CRM tool allows you to keep track of all your contacts, when you last contacted them, what e-mails you’ve sent them and exactly the kind of properties they might be interested to see in the future. The best kind of CRMs will even automatically remind you when it’s time to reach back out to a neglected past client. It’s an easy way to stay on your networking game without too much of a time investment.

Keeping in touch with past clients will be far from a wasted effort as previous customers make some of the best future clients, or referral sources. And by building a word-of-mouth business you’ll gain more quality leads that already come with built in trust for you and your successful CRE business.

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