How to Recycle Blog Content

A great the blog is worth its weight in audience growth. One of the key tenants of content marketing is to publish where your audience lives. Not everyone is going to read a blog, or scan an infographic, or scroll through a slideshow, but if you can present the same content in multiple formats there are no limits to the audience you can reach. The best content can be repurposed continuously keep your brand top of mind. Use these different content formats to recycle your best blog content.

     1. Infographic

Infographics are a powerful visual tool that is three times more likely to be shared on social media. They condense data-rich information into something that's scannable and easy to digest. Users are more likely to remember the content because it's attractively paired with images. With the right design, an infographic can accurately reflect your brand. The easiest content to translate into an infographic is data-heavy, includes statistics, or presents a series of steps.

     2. Slideshow

Promote your content on a completely different network like SlideShare. Turn your informational blog posts into an engaging slideshow or a PowerPoint and tap into a new audience. Embed the Slideshare into a new blog post or add into the original blog post to keep users engaged with the content. When you host the slideshow somewhere else, link back to your content to boost SEO. When making a slideshow, keep bullet points clear but brief, choose colors wisely, and remember the power of a great image.

     3. Podcast

Podcasts are making a strong comeback. Use your blog to inspire a podcast. Identify blogs where you would like to go into more detail or draw upon the experience of someone else to record an interview podcast. Upload or embed into your blog.

     4. Video

There's a lot of positives to creating video content. Video content increases conversion rates and drives traffic. More people are willing to watch a video about a product than read about it. You may not think your blog is long enough to convert to video, but the truth is most users prefer to watch short clips. Videos are great with almost any kind of blog content. Create how to’s, checklists, interviews and more.

     5. Ebook

The long-form format is increasing in popularity. Ebooks are a great business generator for any kind of business and they help with drive leads. They are a top strategy for building an email client list. Gather related blog posts and edit together into a free downloadable ebook. An ebook offering can be as short as 2000 words, or roughly four blogs.

     6. Email Newsletter

Email content is more likely to be read than any other kind of content. It's okay to recycle your blog into an email. You can provide an excerpt and a link, email the entire post as a single email, or adapt the post into a formal newsletter. Share evergreen content again and again for additional audience boosts.

Lindsey ImperatoreComment