How to Get Your Company in the Media to Increase Your Exposure


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Part of growing your successful CRE company is getting exposure in the media that drives valuable traffic back to your business, website and social channels.  But if you live in a competitive market or are seeking nationwide coverage from reputable news sources, it can be a challenging task. Here are a few tips to get your media and public relations strategy off the ground to grow your CRE company exposure in 2018.

#1. Generate press releases.

The first step to generating news releases for your commercial real estate business is to identify newsworthy topics about your company. Did you just hold a huge campaign to generate money for a local charity? Did you win an award in your industry? Did you help outfit a property for a hot new company relocating to your city?

Once you come up with the topics and write your press releases, you can use sites like PR Newswire to submit the release to thousands of potential news platforms at once, some of whom will publish your newsworthy piece. If you don’t have a writer on staff, you can outsource your press release writing to a company like The Content Funnel.

#2. Build relationships with journalists and writers.

Part of your marketing strategy should include building strong relationships with the journalists and writers in your community. If you’re looking for national exposure, try seeking out regular contributors for the publications you think your target audience would most likely be reading. Once you’ve built those relationships, discuss your desire for that journalist or contributing writer to pitch a story idea to one of their publications.

If you haven’t yet built those important relationships you can start by pitching to publications yourself. Most major local and national publications have a process for non-journalists to pitch ideas and submit pieces. The path to publication might be a bit harder and longer taking the path of self-promotion, but it’s a great way to get published in some smaller publications that could lead to larger opportunities.

#3. Get involved in local community events and speaking engagements.

One of the best ways to gain press for your CRE company is to piggy back on local community events and speaking engagements. Because these events are almost always covered by local media, if you have a significant presence there you can almost guarantee that you’ll gain some exposure.

This could come in the form of an event sponsorship, involvement in a local charity project or having one of your agents speak on a panel of CRE experts. There are always databases you can access that list speaking engagement opportunities that welcome submissions. No need to wait around for someone to ask you to speak at an event. And whatever effort the event sponsor is putting into advertising the gathering, your name and company will almost certainly be mentioned.

Gaining exposure through local or national media outlets doesn’t have to be so complicated. A lot of times it comes down to just asking – whether it’s a contributing a piece or speaking on a panel. So, get out there and start asking for the exposure you know your CRE company deserves!

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