How to Generate Ideas for Your CRE Blog


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One of the hardest parts about starting a blog for your commercial real estate business is knowing what to write about. But how are you supposed to run a successful blog if you have writer’s block before you’ve even started writing? And picking the perfect topic is about so much more than just a catchy title and interesting content. Don’t worry – we are here to break it down for you.

Will it work with your SEO strategy?

When you’re thinking about topics to discuss in your blog you should consider if they work well with your SEO and keyword strategies. Will you naturally be sharing words in the piece that your customers will be searching for you with?

If not, your blog may not help you with your bottom line. Think about what words potential clients would be using to search for you, and determine if your blog has the right topic to include those keywords in it. After all, it always comes down to driving traffic back to your blog and website.

Is it relevant?

Okay, so you’ve picked a topic that compliments your keyword strategy. But is your blog something people are going to even want to read?

You should make sure the topic is not only timely, but relevant to your target client base. A well written blog is meaningless if it doesn’t appeal to your ideal audience, and ultimately drive the right kind of traffic back to your website.

Has everyone else already talked about it?

Hypothetically you’ve found a great topic that is brimming over with excellent keywords and you’re certain it’s timely and relevant for your target audience. Now – is everyone else in your market talking about it?

If every Joe Schmoe in the commercial real estate space has already written a blog about the topic that you’re planning to write about, and you don’t have a different spin on it, it may be time to spice things up a bit. It’s perfectly fine to discuss topics that are popular in your industry, but make sure you’re saying something at least slightly different from everyone else.

Does it have the potential of going viral?

Any topic can be made interesting or thought provoking if written or spun in just the right way. Can you compare your topic to Games of Thrones or The Walking Dead? Has your idea been featured in a viral video or meme? What will your catchy headline be to drive people to your blog? And better yet, how will you use wit and humor to keep them reading until the end?

Potential clients can find facts and statistics anywhere, it’s your expertise and unique perspective that will keep them coming back to your blog for answers, and eventually picking up the phone to do business with you. And if you aren’t one that’s very good with words, leave it to the experts, as blogging is one of the most important elements of your digital marketing strategy.

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