How to Edit Your Own Photos to Look Like a Professional


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When you’re trying to grow your audience by making your Instagram, Facebook, or blog posts beautiful it’s likely you’re constantly looking for great photography to attract people to your content. Even when your writing speaks for itself, your social media presence is heavily influenced by the accompanying photos you share. But maybe you don’t have the budget or time to hire a professional for every single photo you plan to share with your audience.

Sure, we get that you’re a busy commercial real estate professional but it’s likely that with the right tools you might just be a pretty good amateur photographer, too. Or at least you can look like one.

Start with a Good Photo

Before you even get to the editing stage, it’s important to start with the best photo possible that will only be enhanced with your editing efforts. Whether you’re snapping a photo with your cell phone or using your own digital camera, make sure you’re seeking out environments that will offer the best photography conditions.

For instance, make sure you are in an area with bright, natural light. Your photos will appear clearer and sharper. Try to use photos that compliment your brand color palette. While all your photos don’t have to be strictly on brand, throwing some neon colors on your Instagram page that is otherwise completely neutral may offset the aesthetic.

Use Editing Apps

With the cameras on cell phones constantly improving, you likely don’t even need a professional camera to capture some amazing photos to use in your online marketing. And with the right editing apps, you can post some eye-catching photo content right to your social media without even pulling out your laptop or heading back to the office.

With an editing app like Snapseed, VSCO, Enlight and Mextures you can perfect even the most imperfect photo. Lighten or brighten, focus or refine, and get the colors just right so that that iPhone photo looks professional when you post it to your social media platforms. Some of the apps even let you add text or graphics so that even your cell phone photos are properly branded for your CRE business.

Add Features Using Free Resources

Do you want to drop you CRE company logo across your latest photo? Do you want to overlay one of your brand colors with an amazing quote from your company’s president? Using free online resources like Canva can make you look like you hired a professional graphic designer to curate your Instagram page.

The program allows you to drop in fonts, color schemes, graphics and icons with just a few clicks and drags. No more spending your entire marketing budget outsourcing graphic design projects that you can do yourself with your iPhone and an internet connection.

Editing your own photos for your CRE company’s website or social media doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With a just a little time and a sound strategy, your audience will never know that your posts were created with your trusty cell phone over coffee at your local diner.

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