How to Craft the Best Bios for Your CRE Team


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If you already have a well-established CRE business, it’s likely you have a rock star team behind you, too. And a lot of people knowing how amazing your team is will be up to you to tell them! Usually the best way to showcase your talented CRE team to the public is through a “get to know us” page on your website. But how do you craft the perfect bio for your team members to be sure they are putting their best self forward?

#1. Put your best face, and photo, forward.

While your photo isn’t part of the bio that a potential client will read, it’s one of the most important parts. Putting a face with a name is an important part of personalizing your agents so that your potential clients feel like they already know them. Make sure these photos are taken by a professional, even if they are casual shots. A photo that looks like an Instagram shot where three people need to be cropped out just won’t work for a professional website. But if your CRE business is a bit more casual, don’t be afraid to have professional candid shots done with more of a lifestyle photoshoot of your employees.

#2. Add the relevant stats, but keep it brief.

Of course potential clients want to know what experience your team has, where they went to school, what they studied or what professional certifications they have. It’s also important to point out the areas where their expertise lies, but you shouldn’t make this the primary focus of a biography. It’s easy to find people in the industry that have credentials, most everyone has them. But what makes your team unique? What is special about their personalities or passion for their industry?

#3. Link out to social media.

Anyone in a real estate focused industry where you are your own brand should have an active presence on social media. When you link out to social media in employee bios, it gives potential clients vetting these agents a better look into their lives, their personalities and the type of work they do. It’s a quick way to build a relationship with someone without having to e-mail them or pick up the phone. It will help employees build rapport faster and for potential clients to make quicker and more educated decisions in who they decide to work with.

#4. Make it a video bio!

If you’re feeling froggy and really want to make an impact with your website bios, try video! Do short, fun and informal interviews with your team to post out to your bio page. It will help potential clients get to know the team and be able to get that gut feeling for who they want to work with. And as a bonus – video improves your website’s SEO!

Bios don’t have to be boring! Put your employees’ best feet forward with a great bio that will have clients rushing to work with them!

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