How to Convert Your Blog Readers into Clients


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Are you investing in blogging? And when we say investing that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re paying for blogs because even if you’re writing them yourself you’re investing your valuable time in this lucrative marketing effort.

What are your reasons for blogging? Are you looking to drive more traffic to your CRE website? Are you hoping to convert some readers into clients? Are you looking for more leads? It’s likely that you’re hoping for any combination of these things.

But how exactly do you take written work like a blog and convert readers into clients for your CRE business?

Call Out Pain Points

It’s likely you know all the frustrations of your best clients because you’ve been doing this a long time and have heard it all, right? You can truly build a connection with readers of your blog by discussing all their pain points and helping to relieve them. And strong connections online turn into paying clients.

Give Them Actionable Strategies

You’ll have an easy time building a set of loyal followers if you can give them valuable information with actionable strategies throughout your blog posts. Casual readers become dedicated readers when they find the information you’re sharing to be both informative and actionable. They will keep coming back for that great information they know they can get from you.

Showcase Your Expertise

If your blog readers feel like they’re investing their time in reading content from someone who is truly an expert in their industry, they will pay closer attention to the information you’re sharing and likely come back for more content on a regular basis. Find simple ways to showcase your expertise in your writing. Share stories of how you’ve helped others, or the background you have in the industry. Establish yourself as an expert so your readers know they are getting the best out of the content you’re providing, and don’t need to seek out any blogs from your competitors.

Appropriately Drop in Testimonials

Part of the reason professionals include testimonials on their websites and in their marketing is because it helps to build trust in the minds of their current and potential clients. Through stories about your client interactions or by sharing positive feedback you’ve received from your community, you can reassure your readers that they’ve come across the best CRE company they could potentially work with.

Leave Them Wanting Just a Little More

You don’t want to share all your deep dark secrets on your blog. Give your audience a call to action. Identify a reason for them to reach out to you. Make sure you’re getting them to take that next step in working with you. After all, the efforts all lead to converting readers into clients.

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