How often should you blog?


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Blogging for your commercial real estate business is one of the most important things you’ll do for your marketing strategy. But for many, it can be a time-consuming practice.

So, what is the bare minimum you can do to still have a positive effect on your SEO or lead generation efforts? Or more importantly, how regularly should you be blogging to build up a loyal following that will view your company as thought leaders in the commercial real estate space?

It depends on your goals.

The frequency of your blogging has a lot to do with the marketing goals for your content generation. Each goal will have a slightly different answer when it comes to the ideal posting frequency.

For building a loyal following of readers, you should be posting new content at least once a week. And it’s less about the frequency and more about the consistency. It’s tough to build up your following if they’re never quite sure when you will be providing new content.

When it comes to SEO, the rules are slightly different. If your main reason for blogging is to increase your position in search engine results, the more posts the better is typically the answer. Research shows that companies that produced 16 or more posts every month saw more than four times as much traffic as those who only posted between 0 and 4 times. It’s time to get writing!

If you’re trying to beat out your competition, look at how often they are posting their blog content. Simply posting more often than they do, without sacrificing content or topic quality, can drive more followers to your website and away from there’s. When it comes to the competition game, you’ll win by being more present with your content.

Create a style and stick with it.

Readers flock to blogs that are interesting, informative and consistent. They want to know exactly what they are getting from you if they are going to invest their time in visiting your website on a regular basis to read your blog posts.

Once you’ve determined how frequently you’re going to contribute to your blog, it’s important to stick to a schedule. Let’s say you feel that you can commit to posting to your blog once a week. Decide which day works best, and the time you’ll post. You can determine the best time and day to maximize your web traffic by looking at statistics in your industry.

Stick to the day and time you’ve decided on, and keep to that schedule at all costs. For example, if you’ve decided to post Friday mornings – schedule your posts for that Friday at 9am time slot before the day even arrives. Your readers, and search engines, will take notice of the consistency and will find it much easier to follow your work or rank you higher in results.

Also, do you plan to stick with long-form content or are you going to share daily tidbits of information based on the news in the commercial real estate industry? Will your tone be serious or funny? Regardless of the style you’ve chosen to support your brand, stick with it. You’ll attract the audience that enjoys your content and they’ll keep reading so long as it still interests them!

Let the experts handle it.

If you’re short on time and worried about hitting that deadline to keep your content consistent, don’t worry. The experts at The Content Funnel will be sure your blog remains a well-oiled machine so you can attract the clients you’re after!

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