Help! I'm Burned Out From My Blog!



By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

Symptoms: staring at a blank screen, asking, “what have I not said before?”, an overwhelming urge to chuck your computer out the window. Does this sound familiar? You are suffering from writer’s block. It can hit writers at any time like a freight train at full speed. The idea well has run dry. What do you do?

#1. Take a break

Step away from the keyboard. Ask someone else to write your blog for a while. If you can’t find a qualified writer for your sabbatical, change how you’re creating content. Conduct interviews or Q&As with in-house or out-of-house experts. Find colleagues you respect to write guest posts. Or just flat-out say, ‘I’m taking a sabbatical.’ Specify a time length and make sure you stick to that return date.

#2. Revisit your old content

Sometimes old content inspires ideas for new content. Get creative with the old stuff and find ways to reuse it as new content. Use the time off from writing new blogs to “refresh” the old posts with new information. Republish these as new posts.

#3. Assess your plan

Are you burnt out because you’re publishing too frequently? Scheduling blog posts is an art. Yes, research shows the more you publish, the better your blog will perform. However, your blog will perform just as well if it’s creating worthwhile content people want to read. If you’re on the content-generating hamster wheel, you will eventually burn out of new ideas. Slowing down frequency can be a good thing to enhance the overall quality of what you’re publishing.

#4. Try different formats

You could be in a rut from following the same, predictable format. Try changing up how you blog and see how the audience responds. Write short posts, research long posts, draft lists or film a video blog. You have ways to be creative with your blog.

#5. Outsource

Is blog writing simply too much? Is your heart really into writing content? Blogging isn’t for everyone. You might have other interests in how you devote your time. It’s perfectly fine to outsource your blogs. Let professionals who enjoy writing craft the content for you.

#6. Keep Priorities Top of Mind

Why are you blogging? I recently read a food blog that had some good advice about the art of creating content. She said, “When I’m feeling really bleh about the blog, I often just stop and ask myself: but what are you actually trying to do? Is it to have the biggest Pinterest following? No. Is it to have every person in the world love my blog? Nope. Is it to make the most money ever? Negative.”

What is your blog trying to achieve? Is what you’ve been doing in line with those goals? If not, it may be time to change your strategy and refocus on those priorities.

Burnout happens to us all. It’s part of being a creative person. When it happens to you, step away, reflect, reassess, and find a new route to success.

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