Hate Blogging? Do This Instead

It’s true: blogging has serious content marketing benefits. If we’re honest, though, not everyone has the talent, vision, or desire to write blogs. Not everyone is a natural-born wordsmith. Why force writing when you can leverage your other talents into shareable content? Even without blogging, real estate professionals still gain serious benefits in web traffic and search engine placement creating other content.

Publish an E-magazine or Newsletter

Let others do the work for you. Create a newsletter or magazine that curates the best content created by others in your industry niche. Many real estate professionals appreciate having top-notch content presented in one place. The timing can fit your schedule: weekly, monthly, quarterly, or another creative time arrangement. Anything works as long as the publication is on a reliable schedule. Grow the magazine or newsletter follower base two ways. First, let the content creators know their content was featured by sending an email or tagging on social media. Build a subscriber list to the magazine or newsletter by publishing its content on your website’s blog and including a call-to-action your website. Regular content delivery keeps your real estate brand top of mind and nurtures not-ready leads.



Podcasts are making a serious comeback and are attracting new audiences of time-crunched real estate professionals. For the right personality, they can be the perfect way to establish your brand. If you are a charismatic person who enjoys talking about subjects and interviewing people, podcasting might be the perfect way to create original content. You can still publish the podcast on your website and use transcripts to create written content attractive to search engines. Promote new podcasts on social media promotion and tag interviewees for an extra boost. For inspiration, check out these leading podcasts from real estate professionals.

Video Marketing

For visually-driven, creative minds who enjoy the spotlight, video marketing could be the road to content marketing success. The videos can be as polished or as raw as you like. Create a video series, interview industry leaders, share helpful tips, or refer to four more ways to incorporate video content. Video marketing is perfect for website promotions, posting on YouTube, and using in email marketing campaigns. Social media loves video, which is why real estate professionals considering video marketing over blogging should explore live-streaming options.


Infographics share detail-rich information in a concise, friendly format. They tend to earn more engagement than text-rich blogs, especially when attractively designed. If you have an eye for design, publish infographics. Create an infographic series using local real estate data, such as monthly sales numbers or a “top 10” series. Infographics tend to contain evergreen content, which means they are available for social media promotion months or years after their initial publication date.

Photo Blogs

If you are a visual-based company or agent, use your keen eye to appeal to your customers. Share funny photos, make a webcomic, design graphics with tips or uplifting sayings, or publish anything else eye-catching. Link your blog to a Tumblr page or use the Instagram web profile as your visual blog. Photo blogs are as creative as the creator.


Drive traffic by offering webinars or courses that appeal to your target audience. Webinars establish you as a leader in your industry niche. Partner with other industry leaders for a greater reach and promote upcoming offerings on social media. Record the webinars and after the fact continue to offer them as content on your website. Use webinar or course sign-ups to grow an email subscription list.