Guest Post by Cherilyn Kawa Megill: The Marriage of Traditional and Digital Marketing... Why it Works


By Cherilyn Kawa Megill, Chief Marketing Officer at Phillips Edison & Company

Technology seems to be taking over every aspect of marketing, making many marketers believe that online marketing is the only way to succeed. Social media campaigns, website banner ads, and digital newsletters can result in more measurable results, but the truth is traditional marketing still has plenty of leverage —simply because many people are not exclusively online. My confession here - I am one of those people that enjoys reading the morning newspaper with my breakfast.

The use of both traditional and digital marketing can produce better results for your business’ marketing efforts. Let’s take a look at why the marriage of the two works.

#1. You Attract More When You Target All

The whole point of advertising is to get as many eyes on your product or business as possible. How can that be done if you are limiting your marketing to only online or only traditional marketing? To accomplish maximum exposure for your brand, you need to leverage both. You want to ensure you are targeting audiences that are both online and offline in order to attract as many customers as possible.

#2. Think of Implementing Both as Enhancement Not Replacement

Instead of putting all of your marketing eggs into one basket, it is a wise choice to marry your digital and traditional marketing methods to get the most out of both. A quick scan through a print newspaper or magazine is proof that physical ads still promote their business’ social media identities, while a social media post may spotlight an upcoming feature in a print publication. Another example of how to marry the two marketing forms is by personalizing print mailers and sending them to contacts and leads you have cultivated online. By doing so, you have taken an online connection and created an opportunity in the real world.

#3. Both Can Cultivate a Large Presence and a Personal Connection

A great example to pivot off of is the leasing signage that we use at our properties. These signs help to generate awareness, but do not personally connect to potential tenants. This traditional marketing approach can be enhanced by pointing those who see the physical sign toward a text or phone call to the leasing agent or our social media channels and websites, where an agent can connect with the tenant providing the PECO style of excellent customer service.

While traditional marketing such as ads in magazines, billboards, and signage can play an important role in a company’s professional image, digital marketing can take this to the next step by giving the business an even more personalized voice that can be updated in real time. Think of traditional marketing as the stepping stone to getting more attention on the marketing efforts on the digital side.

#4. You Can Employ Both Passive & Active Campaigns

Let’s say you send out a quick postcard to everyone in a certain zip code. This traditional marketing then casts a wide net on the area and reaches a broader audience, which can help spread awareness, but is not as targeted. With social media and email campaigns, you can hone in on likely prospects who have a specific need for your product or service. These active and passive campaigns together can help you build your client list.

Digital marketing is everywhere, and many are tempted to move all of their marketing efforts online.  True success lies somewhere in the middle where traditional meets digital. A healthy blend capturing both audiences and driving traffic both ways makes for the most powerful campaign.


Cherilyn Megill joined Phillips Edison & Company in 2013 as the Vice President of Marketing & Communications and was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer in January 2017. She was previously employed as the Vice President of Marketing for Retail Properties of America, Inc. from 2005-2013 and before that as Director of Marketing with The Boyer Company from 2001-2004. Prior to joining Boyer, she was the Senior Director of Marketing and Tourism for TrizecHahn for fifteen years. She has been active with ICSC serving as the Chairperson of the United States Shopping Center MAXI Awards, the Chairperson for the CMD Committee, a member of the CRX Committee and as a member of the U.S. MAXI Team and MOCIAL Committee. She received her bachelor’s degree from Weber State University.

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