Guest Post by Cherilyn Kawa Megill: 4 Social Analytics to Share with Your C-Suite (and why)



By Cherilyn Kawa Megill, Chief Marketing Officer at Phillips Edison & Company

It’s no secret that a looming meeting with your C-suite can be a bit daunting. Often times getting them to take social media as a serious business tool can be quite an uphill battle! By properly utilizing social analytics and effectively sharing them with your C-suite, you can prove that social media is not only a necessity as a marketing tool but also an effective way to get invaluable data and insights from your current and future customer base.

Listed below are some of the best social analytics to share with (and impress) your C-suite, and why they’re worth focusing on.

#1. Revenue Generated

We could have saved this one for last but let’s not. It doesn’t matter how nicely what you’re bringing to the table is dressed if it doesn’t yield a tasty result. The C-suite cares about real revenue generated by your social media efforts. Use your analytic toolbox to convert your work into real numbers. Show how much revenue has spiked due to various campaign launches. Numbers don’t lie, so let them speak on your behalf!

#2. Leads Generated

We’ve established that revenue is an important aspect when appealing to your C-suite. Well, meet revenue’s little sibling –leads. Leads generated lead to revenue and are key to impressing your C-suite. In order to do so, use URL tracking parameters through Facebook, or Google Analytics; amongst others, and confirm you can measure all leads coming from your social media campaigns. Also, work with your leasing team, to share their results as a result of your social media efforts.

This will pique your C-suite’s interest and show them they should continue investing company time and money into your specific social strategies that provide the greatest ROI.


Though follower count may seem like the most superficial aspect of social media and social analytics, it plays a very pivotal role. If your C-suite does not understand the value of followers, briefly explain to them that plenty of existing followers attract new ones. People think “ If this many people find this brand worthwhile, it must be.”

Once that is done, present any influencers following your brand. These free “endorsements” can be priceless, not to mention communication via social media has been shown to be more effective than other methods.

#4. Engagement

Break out your visual illustration of your recent social media engagement (you know you have one).  Most social platforms have engagement data mines build right in. Showcasing how many likes, clicks, and comments you have and how your company interacts with followers promotes valuable customer service relationships.

In fact, Sprout states 35% of people prefer to use social media as their preferred customer support option. Proving you have a high organic engagement with your followers will prove that you are valuing existing customer comments and concerns and working toward securing relationships with new customers.

Though there are dozens of social media analytic tools start with the basics and show your C-suite you are taking the time to analyze what social tools are working to generate success for them and you. At Phillips Edison, who produce a quarterly report that showcases our social analytics as well as results from other programs. Sometimes marketers can be their own worse cheerleaders, but use that marketing savvy to share your results in ways that your C-Suite will understand.


Cherilyn Megill joined Phillips Edison & Company in 2013 as the Vice President of Marketing & Communications and was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer in January 2017. She was previously employed as the Vice President of Marketing for Retail Properties of America, Inc. from 2005-2013 and before that as Director of Marketing with The Boyer Company from 2001-2004. Prior to joining Boyer, she was the Senior Director of Marketing and Tourism for TrizecHahn for fifteen years. She has been active with ICSC serving as the Chairperson of the United States Shopping Center MAXI Awards, the Chairperson for the CMD Committee, a member of the CRX Committee and as a member of the U.S. MAXI Team and MOCIAL Committee. She received her bachelor’s degree from Weber State University.

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