Guest Blogging – How It Can Drive Big Traffic to Your Website


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When you started your commercial real estate company blog you probably never thought about writing for anyone but your own company, right? But a lucrative and strategic new approach to blogging emphasizes the importance of writing for other websites and companies for that oh-so-important backlink.

Guest blogging? Backlinks? What does it all mean?

If you’re fairly new to the world of blogging as a means of enhancing your marketing and driving traffic back to your website, these ideas could be confusing.

By definition, guest blogging is when you write a piece for another commercial real estate related website or company with the purpose of sharing your expertise and linking out to your own website. What this serves to do is to engage the audience of the website you’re writing for, and to hopefully drive new traffic back to your own. It’s an excellent way to tap into a new audience and increase exposure.

Why would other companies want my content?

Why would someone want you to write for their website? As we always talk about here at The Content Funnel, it’s all about providing value for your target audience. Smart marketers know that part of providing value for their audience is to provide them with insight from a number of industry experts, including you!

The advantage for other companies to allow you to guest blog on their website is usually two-fold. Number one, it’s typically free content that allows them to offer more blogs for their target audience without the investment in time or potentially money for a copy writer. Secondly, it gives their audience a new perspective from someone that could specialize in something they don’t. Again, it’s about providing value to generate loyal followers.

But how does one get guest writing spots?

It’s actually quite easy. There are plenty of large publications that have dedicated pages to their process for contributing writers. Usually this involves pitching an idea that would be relevant for their audience and if accepted, a deadline for submission.

Smaller companies may not have sections where they discuss their process for contributing new pieces for publication on their website, but a quick e-mail to them requesting the opportunity to contribute to their site may just do the trick.

The most important part about your pitch to write for another publication is to truly understand their target audience. Do plenty of research on their website, make note of their writing style and tone, and make sure your idea provides a unique perspective on a relevant topic.

For the contributing writer who isn’t a writer

Let’s say you want to start writing guest blogging spots, but you’re not exactly the best writer. Part of getting the more coveted spots with larger publications is to show off your excellent writing skills. And if you don’t have any skills, that’s okay – you can outsource that!

Our writers here at The Content Funnel can blog for you, and your guest publications. Ultimately, you’re here to drive traffic back to your commercial real estate website, so if you don’t have an in-house writer, a creative blogger is an important weapon in your marketing arsenal.

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