Get Personal: Writing As Yourself Empowers Real Estate Blogs and Examples to Prove It

Blog Post by Sarah Malcolm, Chief Digital Strategist at The News Funnel

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Ask a content marketer to name their favorite real estate blogs and certain names will float to the top. These bloggers discovered the secret sauce that drives audiences again and again to their content. What’s the magic? It’s not search engine optimization, or informative content, or -- although employing those tactics certainly helps top bloggers succeed. No, what compels readers to return is the unique voice that resonates through the blogger’s content. Reading their content is like having a face-to-face conversation. The writers draw the reader into their lives with personal anecdotes, real-world experiences, and a conversational style that captures their personality. This style empowers these real estate blogs more than carefully crafted subheadings and titles because:

  • The writing engages the reader with humor, sarcasm, or wit
  • The conversational tone makes for an easy read
  • Readers connect better with the author
  • Engaging articles are more likely to be shared socially

Look to these real estate blogging leaders that have excelled in content marketing thanks to a willingness to invite readers into their world. All write from personal experience and offer helpful advice to their audience, but they accomplish it with a special pizzazz.  

Notorious R.O.B.: Rob Hahn

The Notorious R.O.B. blog crafted by management consultant Rob Hahn is up front about taking a personal approach to the real estate industry. Rob’s blog reflects on his personal current experiences, ranging from the National Association of Realtor’s new CEO job description to social media marketing in real estate. The honest approach, where Rob admits the things he doesn’t know, his opinions on the state of the industry, and incorporating reader-contributed content, helps readers connect with Rob’s blog.

A Student of the Real Estate Game: Joe Stampone

Are you a student of the real estate game? Joe Stampone is there to bring new real estate investors up to speed on his cleverly named blog and website. Joe addresses the reader from his experience. He shares his thoughts on real estate crowdfunding, doles out advice on real estate investing, and educates readers on slew of related topics. Joe smartly blends his personal lens and industry experiences with reader education. The approach makes his blogs accessible to readers at all stages of the real estate game.  

Location Advice: Allen Buchanan

Not all blogs must be sarcastic or humorous. Sometimes just inviting readers into your world works. See Allen Buchanan’s blog for an example. Besides joining Allen for his weekly Tuesday video series, Buchanan shares the inspiration for his blog topics, like an out-of-state sale in Texas, a buyer who walked away from a commercial real estate sale, and the Academy Awards. Speaking from his real world experience keeps his blog content relevant and proves Buchanan knows what he’s talking about.

Neuerspace: Jeremy Neuer

Informative and entertaining, commercial real estate expert Jeremy Neuer publishes his personal thoughts on all things real estate on Neuerspace. He covers everything from CRE Tech innovations to millennials in real estate. As a senior vice president at CBRE, Neuer is plugged into the industry. Check out blogs like “Five Things That Will Disappear in the Coming Years” and “The Yankees Understand Real Estate in 2016.”

Jonathan Schultz

Tech-focused Jonathan Schultz’s blog is an intelligent analysis of innovation in the industry. Jonathan pulls in what he reads from other publications and applies his experiences for a introspective take on new developments. At the same time, his casual style full of anecdotes and cultural references make the analysis an accessible, easy read.

Duke Long

The granddaddy of cheeky blogging is commercial real estate agent Duke Long. His raw writing and filter-free thoughts on commercial real estate and technology have landed his blog and podcast on numerous top ten lists. The attention-grabbing titles, “We All Know True Innovation Does NOT Exist in #CRE,” Liam Neeson memes as headers, and sprinkling of choice words make Duke’s unique blogging brand a success.

How do you capture your voice in blogging? Think about how you converse with your clients and colleagues. Try writing a draft as you would speak with a peer and remember to write blogs your audience wants to read. Include personal experiences to bolster opinions and connect with the reader. Let yourself shine through your blogging and reap the rewards in increased sharing.