Get More Bang for Your Video With Drones

What tactic could increase your email click-through rates by almost 100%? What identical strategy can improve your landing page conversions by 80%? If you said video, congratulations you’re absolutely right!  Video marketing may no longer be a secret weapon, but its results continue to be potent. One way to take your videos to the next level and stand out from the content crowd is incorporating aerial footage.

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Aerial Advantages

The stunning, sweeping shots that can only be captured by means of a drone can dramatically improve a video. When it comes to marketing commercial real estate, using aerial photos and footage provide an ideal way to show a venue in its entirety, from office spaces to retail locations. In each case, you can provide powerful visuals indicating geographic positioning in relation to both competition and amenities. Don’t just say an office complex is within walking distance of neighborhood restaurants, show it. Don’t just tell potential lessees that a retail center sees a lot of foot traffic, demonstrate it.

Nothing quite captures exterior space like drones. Imagine moving through a space like the consumer: touring the exterior of a location before zooming in for an interior tour. Done professionally, these videos make a lasting impression on your ideal client.

When to Use Drone Video

Apply drone videography to all aspects of content marketing. Combining interior and exterior footage with textual data points transforms video marketing into an impactful tool to use with potential clients. Use the video in a landing page, for social media marketing, or turn it into a background on a supported property website. Short clips make for engaging social media posts regardless of the platform. When used on a web page, video content has reportedly increased organic traffic 157%.

Choosing a Flight Path

There's no doubt that drones enhance commercial real estate marketing. You could spend a few thousand dollars on a quality drone and attempt to do it yourself. However, here are a few key considerations:

  • Do you have a trained and licensed FAA pilot in-house?
  • Does your pilot have any experience in capturing professionally composed photographs and video?
  • Are you prepared to carry insurance for your drone?
  • Do you have the technology to capture, edit, render, distribute, and archive 4K video content?
  • Do you have the personnel to edit, color grade, create motion graphics, and reformat video final content for multiple platforms?

Like all facets of a content marketing plan, using drones effectively requires a well-executed strategy.  Unless you have a qualified operator and the time to properly edit the captured photos and video, the most cost effective solution is often to hire a professional video production team. The Content Funnel helps our clients capture the stunning content they need to create the “wow” factor for their properties. Learn more about the drone services we offer.

Sample of Regency Centers Drone Footage / The Gallery at Westbury Plaza