Get GIF-fy With It: The Stages of Attending RECON 2017

RECon 2017 is the perfect time of year to supercharge social media content. Try something you may not have done before: use .GIFs. (If you have experimented with this trendy content before, great!) Because .GIFs are short, animated, and easily digestible, followers are more likely to engagement with likes, shares, and retweets. .GIFs tend to be fun and humorous, which is another reason they often go viral and pop up on our social feeds. To see how .GIFs can work with real estate, see our stages of attending RECon 2017.

#1) Star Factor.

Whoa, super impressed at who’s attending! The schedule is amazing! Keynote speakers? Barbara Corcoran, Serena Williams, AND Steve Wozniak? #Powertrio #cantmissthis

#2) Decision-making guilt.

My top two workshops are scheduled for the same time! How to decide which one to attend? Where’s Hermione's time turner when you need one?

#3) Pre-event networking.

RECon17 is too short! There is simply not enough time in the day to cram all these sessions, keynotes, and networking events. There’s one slot left on my schedule if you want a 1 am appointment!

pre event networking.gif

#4) Excitement.

The big day has finally arrived. Time for packing up the suitcases! What’s the latest rules on checked baggage? Remember, throw in some freebie giveaways.

#5) Arriving at the Conference Center.

Wow, it’s huge! Even veterans share this reaction with the RECon17 newbies. #Mindblown.

Arriving at the Conference Center.gif

#6) That First Moment You Get Lost.

So many vendors to visit! Have I walked by this booth before? Let me check the event app again. Next year, add to packing list compass and learn how to use it.

That First Moment You Get Lost.gif

#7) Networking Dinner.

Still coasting on the first day adrenaline rush. You’re excited to be at dinner, meeting all these industry-leading people, and discussing industry trends. Who knew cocktails and canapes could be this fun?

#8) The Fanboy/Fangirl Moment.

Your personal hero just walked by. Or you snagged a selfie with your mentor. #lifegoalscomplete.

#9) That’s Genius.

You just discovered a vendor booth with a novel new product that makes you wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” May have to revisit this station multiple times just to marvel.

#10) Overstuffed Brain.

You have a headache from learning so much! Your dreams now stuffed with retail and real estate data. What day is today? There’s only how many days left?

#11) Re-energized for Work.

Armed with amazing new strategies and information, you’re ready to get back to work and apply all the new ideas learned. Plus there’s a slew of calendar reminders to follow-up with the amazing new contacts you’ve made. Can you break a digital address book?

#12) Repacking.

How will you ever fit all these marketing materials/goodies in your suitcase? Time to spend an hour sorting through the brochures and giveaways before shoving shoes into the suitcase. Who needs shoes anyway?

Now who’s excited for RECon 2017? Join us at the #LetsGetSocial Meetup and let’s make some new .GIFs together!

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