Get Famous: How to Build Your Brand


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What brand doesn't want to be a leader in their industry? After all, the vast majority of customers prefer to work with familiar brands. Startups can transform from total unknown to the go-to industry source. Like all good things in life, be prepared to work for it. Even the unicorns started somewhere. Be prepared to take a long approach to growing a list of dedicated customers and followers that will become brand advocates. Here’s how to do it:

Be consistent

Everything about the brand should deliver a cohesive customer experience from the logo to the customer service. When someone views the brand website and then the social media account, it should clearly be from the same brand. Building this cohesive look and communication does require time and elbow grease, but don’t overlook the need to present a unified face to customers. The same is true for the business voice. If you're adopting a friendly tone, that needs to come across in all the materials presented to customers. Don’t design a website with formal content and use the Twitter feed to consistently publish industry puns.

Keep the target audience in mind

Every piece of content from the about page on a website to the latest Instagram photo should have your primary customer in mind. Meet the specific needs of your key demographic so they come to trust and rely on your company as the primary source and service provider. Customers that return to your product and services build brand reputation with positive social reviews, referrals, and higher search engine placement ranking.

Find what makes your brand unique

Thousands of commercial real estate agents work today. What makes you different from every other CRE agent? What makes your CRM better than another CRM? Find what makes an experience with you different and worthwhile. Back that uniqueness in your branding. Make sure the special qualities appear in every aspect of what you do for the brand.  

Interact with others

Once you have established a strong brand persona, it's not enough to just publish blogs and make sure branding is consistent across the website. Share that voice across the internet. Use social media marketing to write comments and share valuable content with others. Offer to write guest blogs on other platforms. Attend of all the offline meetups and special events that you can to make personal, and deep connections across the industry. Take advantage of all interview and presentation offers that you can to help market your brand and become an influencer.

CRE agents, remember you are the brand. Be true to how you conduct business. The same can be said for real estate service providers. Showcase the company culture through your branding and the audience will grow naturally.